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Solutions To All Types Of Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections can happen to anyone even children have the chances of having vaginal infections so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

But first, let's define vagina infection;

Vaginal infection (commonly known as toilet infection) also known as vaginitis can be defined as the inflammation of the vagina which causes itching, irritation, discharge (apart from the whitish discharge during ovulation. The discharge is colourful i.e brown, yellow or reddish), odour (foul smell or fish like odour) and in severe cases peeling.

What are the causative agents of Vaginitis?

1. Yeast

2. Bacteria

3. Fungi

4. Virus (which is rare.)

It is possible to be a carrier of these agents and not show clinical signs and symptoms.

Major types of Vaginitis:

1. Bacterial vaginosis.

2. Vaginal candidiasis.

3. Trichomoniasis.

It is possible for one to have the combination of these three infections

Ways and how Vaginitis is contracted:

1. Using dirty toilets/sharing toilets with infected people:

Harmful organisms grow in a…

How To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

How To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy: Myths and FactsHow do you prevent teenage pregnancy? What ways do you employ in preventing teenage pregnancy in schools or church? Read the short story below.

"After they had both came, the guy rolled over and smiled. They both lie on their backs for a while. It was time for her to go home and he stood up to remove the condom, guess what he saw?

The condom had broken, and the semen went straight inside her, his thrust was deep. Being a fertile man and for the fact that she did not know if it was her ovulation period her chance of conceiving was 80% and she WASN'T READY!!!"

You can just imagine the scenario in the story... Do you know what to do immediately to prevent pregnancy?

What to do immediately to prevent pregnancy.

1. Prepare a concentrated solution of salt and water, drink it immediately. It will make the eggs acidic and stop the sperm from fertilising the egg! Yipee!!!

2. Take a contraceptive especially postinor2 within 48-72hours - …

7 Reasons Why You Still Feel Sick After Medication

7 Reasons Why You Still Feel Sick After Medication I listen to people ask questions like "I have treated typhoid twice with very potent drugs and I still feel sick. I get tired easily with body pains and headache. What could be the cause?"

How To Avoid Tonsil (Whitish/Yellowish Smelly) Stones that Comes out of Your Mouth

How To Avoid Tonsil (Whitish/Yellowish Smelly) Stones that Comes out of Your MouthWhat do you know about Tonsil stones? Tonsils are two lymph nodes/tissue located in the throat at the root of the tongue.

They prevent infection (germs and bacteria) from entering the airways and the body through the mouth.

Men- Things Ladies wish you knew

This piece is dedicated to the ladies, but meant for the men;
1. Not every girl wants to get married by 23. So before you ASSUME she's of marriageable age, ask her what her views on marriage are. One hint might save you the drama- just because she does not want to get married now does not mean she never will. She has other plans for herself right now, let her live a little.

Tips for Prospective Corp Members going to the NYSC Orientation Camp

Updated July 2017: Are you one of those preparing for the next National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) orientation camp? Prospective corp members, have you been posted yet? Oh, you are going to Maiduguri ba? No need to cry Otondo! All will be well! All you need do right now is go through this post extensively. Note: if you are seeking relocation or redeployment from your state of posting, learn how you can do that successfully by clicking this link

Here are some basic tips for prospective corp members you need to get acquainted with before setting foot out of your home to the NYSC orientation camp;

You need to prepare well because life in the camp is surely going to be stressful. Orientation camp is to prepare you for the challenges you may face throughout your service year. You ma find it uncomfortable because it won't be like your personal home, so just zero your mind for a new experience and adventu…

Love: Top 12 Things Women Want in a Relationship

Important 12 Things Women Want in a Relationship Some men are frustrated when dating, courting or marrying a woman. They grumble that some women are very insatiable and nagging in a relationship. Men keep asking, what do women really want in a relationship? Below are Top 12 things women want in a relationship:
Here are some of the 12 ways ways to hook her for life and silence most of her complaints;
1. AFFECTION: She wants your 100% love. She wants you to always tell her how you love her. Telling her three times a day will not be an overdose to her.
2. ATTENTION: She wants you to be there for her physically. Holding hands, sitting together in an eatery licking ice cream or watching a movie together.
3. APPRECIATION: She wants you to accept her the way God created her, whether slim or fat, tall or short, pretty or not too pretty. Never compare her to another person.

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4. SECURITY: When She's feeling insecure; Sta…

8 Reasons Why You Wake Up With Body Pains In The Morning

Have you ever wondered why you wake up with body pains? Do you ask yourself, ‘why does my body ache when i wake up in the morning’? Do you know why you wake up sore and stiff every morning? Sometimes you may feel like you did something strenuous all night and you end up having a "less active" day often coupled with headache and tiredness. 

If you wake up stiff and sore every morning, this blog post is all you need to know how to avoid body pain in the morning when you wake up. Below are 8  reasons you wake up with body pains:

Here are some possible causes and solutions to waking up with body pains;

A bad bed: Not all beds/mattresses are ideal to sleep on. Some are too old and deformed and become flat when pressure is applied on them. The lower part of the body sinks in the bed which causes irregular flow of blood. Get a good mattress and enjoy your sleep.

Bad sleeping position: A proper sleeping position can help reduce body pains. It may be difficult to maintain a good po…

5 Great Things You Should Focus On As A Lady When Single

Some of you are single and ready for more in your life. That more may be a relationship or just being able to enjoy life at a greater level while you’re single. Whichever it is, there are ways that can help you achieve that. You have to make sure you are focusing on the right things and not allowing negativity to get the best of you. Ignoring the pressure you may get from family, society, and friends.
Understanding that you have to do what is best for you, and we all have to embrace the process of reaching our goals and desires. So don’t stress, and stop looking at being single as something bad. It can be a great thing which can lead to so much more when you take heed to these five things you should focus on.
1. Finding Your Purpose

What are you truly good at? What gift do you have which you can bless others with? What is your passion? These are questions you should do your best to answer while you are single. If you lack purpose it can be easy to become distracted in life and get involv…

Love Relationship: What Do Women Want In A Man?

What do women want in a man? Every man whether married, single, engaged, divorced or a widower had been forced to asked the questions. These are some of the things every woman wants from a man;

Respect has to be earned, yes, but unless you believe that your woman has some excellent qualities and is even better than you in some aspects, you can never respect her. Learn to appreciate your life, and she’ll love you and respect you a lot more too.

Love is beyond Valentine’s Day hype and noise. It is a daily action not once in a year. Women deeply appreciate men that will love them. The love a man invest on a lady that is honest can be returned a thousand fold with no strings attached.

Some men spend endless days in the gym to tone up their muscles to look like an Incredible Hulk before a woman BUT she wants a real man that can protect her not just physically, but also emotionally. Women, as independ…

True Love: How To Know If Your Partner Truly Loves You or Fakes Love

TRUE LOVE OR FAKE LOVE? THE CHOICE IS YOURSDo you know if your love partner really love you like you love them back? Can you tell if it is true love or fake love? This blog post lists 10 ways you can really know if your love partner is into you for good:
1) True Love is always open and honest, even when upset, BUT fake love plays games, hides their feelings and tries to manipulate the emotions of others to gain the upper hand.
2) True Love is self-sacrificing, BUT fake love only wants what it wants especially free sex, money and vanities.
3) True Love gives from the heart BUT fake love gives because it wants something in return- hidden motives.

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4) True Love forgives easily and unconditionally, BUT fake love seeks eternal bitter and hurtful vengeance.
5) True Love appreciates you for who you are BUT fake love tries to change you into their perfect ideal, even with threats of break up.
6) True Love is about romantic intimacy aft…

Women Health: How To Care For The Vagina

Do you know about all the infections the vagina can contract? Many of you women like to have men perform cunnilingus on your honeypot, but do you do enough to have that Kitty cat neat and fresh? Parents who overdo and think they are the best doctor a child can get- do you know the effect of every substance you use in cleaning your baby girl's vagina?

To maintain a healthy vagina, you must know what to do to avoid infection, and it is equally important to educate your sexual partner on some of them to also help you improve the vagina.

For Vaginal care, below are some few things you should do or avoid:
1. Fingering

During foreplay or romance, as part of it, some people insert their finger or fingers into the vagina. The question is, how many people wash their hands before sexual intercourse? Some people do not even keep their nails clean so it gathers a lot of germs and during the fingering, these bacteria are deposited in the vagina...leading to infection. Same thing applies to auto-pl…

Flash fiction: Boko Haram Mosquitoes visited me.

Abubakr Shekau and his cronies visited me this midnight in form of mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are hardened terrorists- maybe they were trained by ISIS. Wow I've been up since 1.30am, it's almost 4.35am. The sound they made terrorized my entire sleep!

Why Do We Take Bad Risks That Are Avoidable? Learn About This Risk Analysis Method

Why do we take bad risks that are avoidable? If life is like a journey, then it's like we enjoy driving reckless!

We know we stand a chance to contact sexually transmitted diseases, and get an unwanted pregnancy that could change the course of our life, yet we engage in unprotected sexual intercourse. (some of us even enjoy cunnilingus). Why?
You have an exam (final year exams in the university) the next morning, and you're unprepared, but you still managed to attend your course mate's birthday party, drank enough booze, visited your love partner and slept over. The next day you at the exam hall, chewing off the top of your pen, staring at the ceiling with your mind point blank like a tuned in a dead channel on TV. You know that's an extra year. Why?
You already have that main cute boyfriend/ girlfriend that you sure know you want to end up with in the nearest future, your number one! But you still frolicking with other guys out there, flirting and keeping side-chicks/sid…

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