Nigeria is fantastically corrupt, UK Prime Minister did not goof!

Financial times cover of David Cemeron calling Nigeria and Afghanistan fantastically corrupt
Financial Times
I found myself laughing yesterday when news broke that United Kingdom's Prime Minister, David Cameron told the Queen of England that Nigeria and Afghanistan are fantastically corrupt and possibly the most corrupt countries in the world. Why it was funny to me at first was that this is the only time I saw both PDP and APC bid wigs and scallywags defend the same cause. They were actually on the same page bashing Dodgy Dave over that statement. -what a time to be alive-.

I followed a lot of comments and saw many tweet that the statement was a blunder and a gaffe on David Cameron's part. Some said the statement was politically incorrect and others (people like this writer) didn't see the statement as false. Senator Sani even posted on his Facebook page that it is a bad statement, that though some Nigerian officials are corrupt but Nigeria is not corrupt. I do not care if the statement was coming from a man who was linked to Panama Papers scandal, because there's a saying over here that "we should not analyse the messenger, but the message." I do not care what shady activities UK PM engages in because I am a Nigerian and not a British.

After some hours, the Nigerian government released a statement saying they were embarrassed and Buhari was quoted as saying "the statement was a snapshot of his predecessors..." Please what is the difference between what Buhari said and Cameron's statement? Buhari has been travelling around the world telling other world leaders that his country is corrupt and he wants them to assist in ridding Nigeria off corruption and recovering the loots stashed in tax and loot havens. Why are we angry? Is it not time we looked inwards and see how we can really start a revolution that would give us a better image globally? 

Later on, I felt bitter. I am a Nigerian and someone just embarrassed Nigeria on the world stage. It was an insult to my soul. This is my country. I suddenly wanted to cry. If you ask me why would I cry, I'd say because I saw a lot of many Nigerians who would look away and chant persecution when EFCC go after corrupt Nigerian officials try to debunk 'Nigeria is fantastically corrupt' statement. This statement is not a gaffe, Dave didn't goof. Even though Cameron forgot for a second that the UK is actually the biggest loot haven in the whole world, he was right when he said Nigeria is corrupt.

Please imagine giving your neighbors aids, and you got to their house one day to meet them feasting large; full chicken, assorted fruits and all sort of food, whereas you know how you only manage to eat chicken on Christmas day only. Tell me, how would you feel? UK provides millions of pounds in aids to Nigeria, the same country with the highest paid government officials in the whole world. When a country of 180 million citizens pay only about 400 elected officials 25% of the annual budget, are we not corrupt?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Buhari in London in 2015
When a country spent money meant for the fight against Boko Haram on re-election campaigns, are we not corrupt? An Army Chief used over 900 million naira loot to purchase houses for his sons and yet we do not want to be called a corrupt nation. Our President (like many other government officials) have their children studying in the UK whereas there are over 120 universities at home here and they also travel abroad for medical checkups and treatment but our own hospitals are all dilapidated, yet we are not corrupt. The Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary are all corrupt. Whether you want to do business, register for national I.D, international passport or driving license, or gain admission into the university- you must pay bribe and yet we don't want to be tagged a corrupt country.

Charity begins at home. The elders will say, "a child who fails to learn home etiquette will be dealt with out of home." So expect the UK to deal with us as they wish. When they support Nigeria with funds, and then the officials in charge in Nigeria steal and return it to the UK to buy properties and keep in their banks which in turn balances the UK's economy in form of taxes, so do you expect the UK to refuse the inflow of money into their economy. 

The most painful thing is Buhari runs to London at every opportunity that he gets as if it is his home town in Katsina. We can now see that the West knows us more than we know ourselves. They will summon you as if they want to help, but in the end all they do is mock and ridicule you. There are many properties in the UK that are empty owned by Nigerians. If you go to Abuja, there are so many estates and land properties that are filled with birds and lizards- all if these properties had been accumulated with tax payers money. Our number 3 man, Senator Saraki is facing corruption charges in court for failing to properly or fully declare his assets and his wife Mrs. Toyin Saraki was linked to the Panama Papers leak as well, so is Nigeria not corrupt? 

More than 9 private jets for the presidency, many states also maintain their own private jets and helicopter, but we have no national air carrier and yet we are still not corrupt. Thousands of crude oil barrels go missing daily but we are not corrupt. Shady government deals and contracts to government officials' relatives and cronies, millions of dollars in cash on private jets out of the country violating money laundry laws but we are sure not corrupt. Inflationary pressures from limited foreign exchange and shortage of fuel make all manufacturers and retailers increase price of their goods, taking advantage of the common man but we are not corrupt. Nigeria is fantastically corrupt and UK PM David Cameron did not goof.

Buhari should stop travelling around the world feigning strengthening diplomatic ties. He should come back home and make things right. We do not have to tell but show the west that we are truly serious about reducing corruption to the lowest level. By then, many nations who want to assist Nigeria will freely help. Let us make Nigeria great again. 

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