Stevens Johnson Syndrome; The latest disease outbreak in Nigeria.

Stevens johnson syndrome
As One person is confirmed dead and one under serious treatment, Stevens-Johnson syndrome may the a threat to Nigerians.

What is Stevens Johnson syndrome (SJS)?
It is usually caused by reaction to drugs which affects the mucus membrane. It is characterized by serious blisters (on and inside the body) and peeling off of the skin.

Clinical signs of Stevens Johnson syndrome:
* Feverish feeling
*Sore on skin, mouth, nose and around the genitals.
* Hurting/sore eyes with fluids coming out of the eyes.

What causes Stevens Johnson (SJS);
* Genetic causes: SJS can be inherited.
* Immune disorder: SJS can be triggered by drugs when there is disorder in the immune system or when the immune system shut down.
* Viral infection e.g AIDS and Hepatitis: SJS can be triggered by viral infections in the body.
Although it is not contagious one should be careful with coming in contact with anyone who shows strange clinical signs especially skin reactions.
* Exposure to Radiation: SJS can be triggered by exposure to radiation especially when it is for treatment.

Who can Stevens Johnson syndrome affect?
It can affect both old and young, men and women -especially women.

Can it be cured?
YES it can be cured. Early detection and diagnosis of SJS is important, that is why it is advisable to visit the hospital once you feel sick or notice any strange blisters on your skin -especially when you are on medication so that the doctors can help you.

Drugs that can trigger Steven Johnson syndrome;
* Antibiotics
* Anti inflammatory drugs

Whenever you notice any weird sign within your body system, visit a doctor.
Report anyone around you who has any of the following symptoms to the nearest hospital to help save lives.

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