Nigeria may be among the first 100 countries to go into extinction

As climate change threatens mother earth, most places as we know them will cease to exist. This is because of flooding, wildfires, migration of harmful species of animals and insects, drought, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. 

Nigeria is considered one of the countries to go into extinction. According to the data released by the world health organization (WHO), five of the worst cities in the world for air pollution are in Nigeria with Onitsha ranked number 1 followed by Kaduna, Aba, Umuaiha and Lagos, which makes Nigeria a top ranking country for world pollution.

Air, Noise and Land pollution which is common to Nigeria due to uncrontrolled gas emissions from cars, industries and generators will accumulate over the years and cause serious change in climatic conditions which can make the inactive volcanos of Nigeria active. Flooding will also cause the displacement of lives and properties because of the improper waste disposal of the country. Drought will also cause some tribes to migrate, hence putting their former place of existence into extinction.

The consequences of pollution is not for now but for later. One example of crisis that has started is the migration of fulani herdsmen and if care is not taken there will be more dangerous movements. Flooding have caused displacement of lives and properties and if nothing is done to regulate the floods, it may come 10 times stronger than it did before.

Let us curb climate change to save our country from going into extinction. Dispose of your waste properly, stop bush burning, plant a tree and conserve energy.


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