Paying the consequences of pollution in Lagos state; Eutrophication.

erosion in lagos
The ministry of environment has been preaching the prevention of pollution but only a few of Lagos state's residence actually obey this. This is why flooding has taken over most places in Lagos just a month into the rainy season.

The major lagoons of Lagos are experiencing Eutrophication, this is because of the high level of pollution which leads to excess nutrient flow into the water bodies hence causing an algal bloom. The flow of the lagoon water into other water bodies (i.e rivers and lakes to reduce water pressure on the lagoon) will be difficult because the plants will make it difficult for water to move and the lagoons will overflow with time to cause serious flooding.

The rainwater on the soil of Lagos is stagnant and is not absorbed by the earth. This is because of the congestion of houses, fewer plants and the fact that the soil is polluted with mostly matters that can not absorb water or be decomposed.
The ozone layer destruction due to air pollution is also a factor. Cloud formation (in which absorption of water from the earth is the key factor) is slow compared to the amount of down pour of rain.
If we don't start taking actions, lives and properties will be displaced which will cause the economy to suffer more (Government intervention and properties lost.)

When will we start saving Lagos the home of many? Is this how we will keep watching till things get worse? The flood which is a major natural disaster threatens and won't stop till the water create ways for themselves, let us join hands to make Lagos habitable for a longer period.

Plant trees, dispose of waste properly, reduce the emission of harmful gasses into the environment and be energy efficient.


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