5 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Child a Diary?

African child and mom and a diary

These are 5 reasons why every mother must present a diary to their child. And when I say diary, I mean the one with locks. You keep an extra key for yourself without letting them know you have one.

Before you decide to do this, be sure you are the kind of mother who will be able to take in anything you read without acting up. Once you act up, you loose their trust and the relationship they have with you. They begin to be extra careful, may resent you and you won't even know anything about what is going on in their lives.

You should give your child a diary as soon as he/she starts writing well. Maybe at 7 year's old. First, they will write only random stuff which later becomes serious stuff.

Why you should give your child a diary.

1. It helps you know them and what they are capable of: Assume you were reading your child's diary and you found something like "Wow, Susan told me to try my first kiss, I am a little nervous and scared, I don't think I want to do it.... maybe I will." The child here is not really excited about her first kiss, you now know the kind of friend Susan is, you know you should keep an eye on the Susan girl.

2. It helps you know how to help them even when they can't ask you for help: Imagine you read something like "I can't believe I lost his book, how will I give it back before his mom finds out?" You can come up with a story or make a fake phone call telling someone to make sure he/she writes your articles and give them to you by weekend. Or maybe keep telling your child he/she looks disturbed and if he/she is in any kind of trouble, you can help.

3. It brings them closer to you when they discover you seem to know everything: If you read something like "I am so sad, I wish I could go with them but they shut me out,".... You can say something like "you look so unhappy, what's up? You want to go out or something?..... Just find a way to get into her to cheer her up. And if you keep solving their problems, they find it easy to confide in you.

4. It helps you know how to advice them: Reading your children's diary makes you know what they are doing and where they are getting things wrong.

5. It helps you know how to pray for them: You know what to pray for when you know what your children are doing, capable of doing and will do in the nearest future.

Make sure you start at an early stage, it is your right to pry into your children's life if they are not willing to tell you anything. Take caution and don't over react, treat each situation with love and affection.

I hope this helps....


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