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7 Foods You Should Never Keep in the Refrigerator

What type of foods do you keep in your refrigerator? Do you know that there are some food that should not be stored in the fridge? I know many are fond of keeping any leftover or unused item in the fridge. Storing some food items in the fridge can zap or change their flavor, or make them go completely moldy fast. Do not risk losing flavor of food when all you need to do is store them properly and correctly.

8 Foods To Avoid In Order To Maintain A Healthy Digestive System

Do you know what you ought not to eat or the foods which the body only need in small quantities? If you know, do you avoid food that keeps you less healthy? Do you know about some substances you take that inhibit gaining the appropriate nutrients from foods? 
For a well-balanced health, taking care of your digestive system is important, particularly in relation to the type of foods you consume. There are some specific foods you should avoid if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle; foods that threaten your digestive system. To maintain a healthy digestive system, you have to eat right, and here is a list of foods to avoid;

Foods such as cheese, fries, butter and red meat contain a high level of fat, so their intake should be reduced, if possible- avoid them completely. They pose a great threat to your digestive system and can lead to serious health complications such as acid reflux, heartburn and constipation.

6 Foods To Boost Your Sexual Performance For Men and Women

Do you want to boost your sexual libido? Stress from work or life problems may be reducing your sexual performance. There is a natural way in which you can improve your sexual performance. You can boost your sexual libido by eating the below foods;
1. Oysters
This sea food contains certain compounds which raises estrogen and testosterone levels. This boosting hormone translates into heightened sexual desire and stamina. Oysters are also a rich source of zinc which is vital for testosterone levels and healthy sperm. It’s also a bonus how oysters improve dopamine levels that helps boosts libido.
2. Almonds
Almonds are a prime source of essential fatty acids. These are crucial since they provide the necessary raw materials for a man’s healthy testosterone production. Some even claim that the smell of almonds can arouse women. Almond is also rich in zinc, which enhances libido.

3. Strawberry
Strawberry is a good source of folic acid and vitamin B. Strawberries provide sustained energy le…

True Life Story: The Spirit Claimed its Price!

Ola's Point of view.
After Maga paid the sum of 500 million naira into his account, he quickly went to the herbalist that fortified him for the operation, he was a "yahoo boy." Even though the herbalist told him the price to pay was that his life would be cut short, Ola did not mind and was ready to finish the money before he died. He gave the herbalist his share of the money (just a token to show gratitude) and left.

How To Control and Reduce Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat excessively? Does it leave you feeling low in confidence? Sweating is the end result of metabolism in the body. Normal sweating is necessary because it let us know we are in a good physiological state. It occurs when we undergo vigorous exercises or in an environment with low ventilation. It is also released when we have a high body temperature. Sweating is essential to human health, however, excessive sweating can cause a lot of problems in a person's live.

WARNING: Pharmacists are not doctors, Do Not let them kill you!

A doctor is a person who is QUALIFIED to treat people who are sick while a Pharmacist is a person who is professionally qualified to PREPARE and dispense medicinal drugs ACCORDING TO DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION.

POETRY: Only God Will Be With You

Poetry: Only God will be with you

5 Tips for Building Self-Confidence!

Do you have belief in yourself? Self-confidence is the belief or trust you have in yourself, the idea that you can make it. Sometimes you ask yourself the question, "can I take the step?" This type of self-doubt shows you lack the confidence in yourself.

Tips to building self-confidence:

What Do You Know About AC And CC Blood Cells (Hb AC and Hb CC)?

What is a C blood cell (Hb CC)?
The C blood genotype evolved from the A blood cell. It is formed when Lysine replaces Glutamic acid at position six of the beta hemoglobin chain. The replacement results in crystal formation of blood cells which leads to increased blood viscosity, cellular rigidity, and shortened red cell survival.

What happens when someone has CC genotype?
Hb CC is formed when Hb AC and Hb AC meets, in rare cases Hb AC and Hb SC. There are very few people living with Hb CC, this may be associated with the fact that most of them are miscarried because the Hb CC trait is associated with mild- severe cases of hemolytic anemia -a condition in which red blood cells are destroyed before their normal lifespan is over.
The lucky ones who survive are usually strong and healthy except that they have mild anemia disorders. In vitro studies have shown that there are lower parasite multiplication rates in Hb CC which explains the protective effect of Hb CC against malaria.
Can Hb AC and…

16 Attributes of Successful and Unsuccessful People

Do you want to be successful? Are you looking to inculcate the attributes of successful people? Do you want to know how unsuccessful people act? Look below;

If your thoughts are not right, your prayers cannot be right

Ever since I saw this quote, "If your thoughts are not right, your prayers cannot be right," on my friend's (Sanya Deborah) Facebook timeline, my mind couldn't stop processing the actual meaning of the quote and how it relates to me.


Did you observe lately that the number of child molestation cases making the news has become rampant? Isn't it demonic that adults will penetrate underage girls? girls not even in their puberty stage. I used to believe this isn't real until it happened to someone close to me.

Self Improvement: How to Be a Virtuous Woman

Do you want to be a virtuous woman? The characteristics of a virtuous woman have been explored in religious texts (both the Qur'an and Bible) and philosophers have also worked on it throughout the ages. There are few common principles that most great free thinkers agree on, even though others vary on the exact details. If you'd like to be a virtuous woman, below are five principles you should review to get started.
1. Beauty

You must have heard this saying, "true beauty lies within." True beauty is virtuous because it develops out of good character. If you want to look virtuous, you need to look inwards so that you absolutely become virtuous.
If you live the life of a virtuous woman, you will also be a beautiful woman because inner beauty and virtue go hand-in-hand. Your outward beauty should reflect your inward beauty. You can look beautiful on the outside even when maintaining inner beauty. Beautiful things shine, and their radiance can be felt externally. For a compl…

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