No matter which team you support, you have got to respect this Iceland National Football Team!

Iceland football fans at the EURO 16
I struggled to contain my tears after seeing the hardworking Iceland team do a repeat of their signatory thunder clap at the end of the defeat to France. The "Huh" sound and the clap (Viking-ish) by the team and the fans are more than amazing.

You have got to respect that football team no matter which team you support. They exude all the spirit that is required in football. They showed class, attitude, authenticity, humility togetherness, and respect throughout the Euro 2016 tournament. No diving, no time wasting.

After the huge celebration that followed their infamous draw with Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal -prompting the Real Madrid man to slam them that they celebrated like a small nation and wouldn't do much- no one would've expected them, at the time, to be in the Quarterfinals. They defeated England, thereby cementing their place in the hearts of football fans across the world. They are an honour to football, themselves, their families and country.

Iceland national football team player at the euro 2016
Being a nation boasting only 330,000 population, and with more than 30,000 fans in France to cheer the team, their first ever major competition, going all the way up to the Quarters, upsetting bigger teams in the way, you have just got to love them.

Fight are not always won, but heroes remain heroes! Iceland didn't win tonight, but there was no loser. Their President rejected a VIP seat to sit among the fans and cheered their team. That goes to show how power and titles are frowned upon in their small country. Everyone is addressed by the first name. Gossip have it that their President wasn't even a politician prior to his election into the presidency.

Iceland president sitting among fans at the euro 2016
Iceland President sitting among fans
A team with only one player from the English Premier League. A Swedish coach in Lars Lagerback and a part-time dentist as the assistant coach. After conceding 4 goals in the quarter-final first half, they never gave up. Pulled 2 goals back and conceded one more to bow out on a high. They should be feeling elated and looking forward to a brighter future.

euro 2016, Iceland
Though their incredible fairytale run in the Euro 2016 has ended, their superb fans leave loud and proud. You will be missed ISL! The thunder clap is fantastic as well, bring it back to the World Cup in Russia 2018!

Thank you for the journey Icelanders!


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