Open Letter To The Ladies Who Think It Is Wrong For Guys To Have A Hard-On In The Club

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Open Letter To The Ladies Who Think It Is Wrong For Guys To Have A Hard-On In The Club

This is an open letter to the ladies over this issue of guys getting hard or having a boner in the club when dancing.

Ladies, just imagine you are a guy dancing in the club, the ladies rocking on your body, butt grinding on your willy, boobs slapping your face- and some ladies think it is wrong for you to have a boner/hard-on/rock-hard-willy at that moment.

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Wait, what do you think I am? Biko- please, what do you take me for? Pope Jon Paul IV? To hell with all that self-control or self-restraint or whatever you guys call it! Abi, do you think I am an okobo- suffer from erectile dysfunction? Buttocks grinding on my willy with just a few layers of clothing apart and I should just lay low and continue to dance like it is some damn sport. Haha, no way! I am not an autocrat or a dictator, in fact, my whole body knows democracy. I will not compel or force my will to follow my control.

Why do you think we guys wear boxers and not pants? Because we don't wanna jail that willy! Freedom of our willy is key. I don't wanna risk a penile defect. We are not ladies who wear pants plus hot pants plus boxers plus bum-shorts plus tights before your skirt or trousers, a lot of you even add ileke- waist chain just to jail that kitty-cat. When you open that camel-toe, organ be smelling so foul like some spoilt uncooked egg. Taah!

I have my own mind. My willy has his own mind. It is a free world in my body, freedom of expression for all my body parts. Do you guys want boys to apply cognitive distraction in dancing? Like get myself distracted while some nice ass-cheeks is robbing on my groin? Come on, try again. That's plain torture.

If you rob too hard on me, expect a double boner. Run away and gossip with your friends about my boner all you like, the message my willy passing to you is that "ko si ere, to baa gbe sunmo mi, ma ko fun e one time- no play, if you seduce me, I will give it to you one time."

I swear if you point a gun on my head and tease me with a naked girl- I will still get hard. Kuku- just kill me. Somebody is showing the wonderfulness of active testosterone. Small excitation like this- o ma be di de ni- willy will rise. Ask around town, I even get hard in the swimming pool with bikini-clad ladies I don't know. -laughing my ass out- So please ladies, zero your mind. Maybe it is right that some guys apply self-control, but it isn't wrong for many of us who just can't control the desire to get hard in the club.

Thanks for your understanding.

DISCLAIMER: Please, Lol if you feel offended by this, kindly tell me, I will remove it. It is purely for fun- all jokes.


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