OPINION: The One Thing That Would Kill Buhari’s Government is his Loyalty to his Loyalists

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The One Thing That Would Kill Buhari’s Government is his Loyalty to his Loyalists

After 15 months of this present Buhari’s government, it is unarguable that Nigeria as a nation has moved two steps backward in this development game. With all the fanfare that came with APC’s CHANGE agenda that made Nigerians vote out an incumbent federal government for the first time in our history, where have we gone wrong?

Loyalty is the answer. Loyalty will kill this present government if a check and balance are not done quickly. Loyalty is killing this government on two sides; on the President side and that of his loyalists. In Nigeria’s politics, it is understandable that people are rewarded after elections for their efforts before and during the elections. But in a CHANGE government, who would have thought key appointments that would determine the progress of Nigeria would have been rewarded to party loyalists? You would have expected preplanned cogent steps to take Nigeria off her knees. Cogent plans that would have included correct people who can fit into positions that would really effect our desired CHANGE in government restructuring.

After 15 months, we can all see that these Buhari appointees have no apparent CHANGE ideas. They are all in that office to reap the fruits of their labors during the elections. It is this type of personal interest thinking that has turned Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara to mini-gods in the Senate and House of Representatives respectively. The belief here is that “if I was instrumental in the movement that brought in Buhari, then I have to get what I want…”

Can Buhari disagree on this belief? It is clear that he cannot disagree. If he initially made a controversial pronouncement by saying “Ministers are noisemakers, the Permanent secretaries are the ones who do the jobs in the ministries…” only then to appoint Ministers after a delay of more than 6 months, some of whom are now anonymous in the fight against the recent challenges Nigeria is facing. If people who are actually capable of doing the job are abandoned for people who are party loyalists and have no good idea whatsoever, then Nigeria is doomed, and the country’s development will continue to move backwards.

Loyalty will kill this government because if the appointees of Buhari who are closer to the people will not tell him the truth about how the people feel at all times, and Buhari himself is loyal to these people by always believing what they say as final, then there can never be progress. President Buhari needs to rid himself off psychophants. His government has been infested by psychophants who are there to get whatever they could get off him while he is still in office.

Many of his Ministers are underperforming. Does Buhari have a scorecard for them? Will they continue to be in office even when the country continues to do poorly? What is the plan to get Nigeria out of recession? What is Nigeria’s economic team doing? What plan is there to curb economic saboteurs?

Will Buhari allow his loyalty to party members overrides his CHANGE intentions for Nigeria? Will Buhari make swift changes to his cabinet to effect sharp development by bringing in people (regardless of their political party affiliations) who can really do the job?

There are many more months to see where President Buhari’s loyalty to his loyalists will lead Nigeria . 


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