Car Sex Death: Russian Lovers Dies After Doing It In Car

Car Sex Death: Russian Lovers Dies After Getting Doing It In Car

 Couple Dies In Garage After A Freaky Car Sex

Two Russian lovers try to be funky and have car sex, but never made it out alive. The young couple was identified as Anna and Artem in The Daily Sun Uk. According to local reports, the couple told Artem’s parents that they were going to take a walk. Instead, they both decided to get raunchy in a car in Artem;s garage.

Some hours later, Artem’s family discovered the two cuddled up naked and lifeless. The Police assumed that they turned the car on to stay warm, which accidentally poisoned them with the car exhaust. Artem was 18 and Anna was 20. Very sad! Two bright futures cut short. God knows best. 



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