Nigerian Student Jailed For Sexual Assault After Victim Recorded Her Pleas For Him To Stop On Her Phone

Nigerian student is jailed for sex attack after young woman recorded her pleas for him to stop on her phone
Peter Odukoya Jailed In The UK/Photo credit: Dailymail UK

Nigerian student is jailed for sexual attack after young woman recorded her pleas for him to stop on her phone

Editor’s Note: This is a personal post me for because I know this person. He was my schoolmate in secondary school, and though we haven’t met since secondary school, I still feel as though I have known him all my life.

I wish I could reach him right now. I want to scream out loud, “Boy, what were you thinking?”
“How could you get down for a nonconsensual sex in the UK, a white man’s land?
“How could you be so foolish and careless to let a 2-minute forceful pleasure rip you off a better future?
“Disowned at home, Suspended in school, Jailed for a year in the UK… What happens now?”
I have to stop here because I am really distraught. I never thought I’d start a blog and post a story about how a former mate is going to jail. Initially, I wanted to not post this story, but then it’s everywhere on the internet. Simply Google his name, and you will have Dailymail UK, Express UK, The Mirror Uk, Linda Ikeji’s Blog, and other Nigerian blogs springing up.  

This is a shame for me and a disgrace to his family and friends here in Nigeria. Read the full post below:

27-year-old Peter Odukoya, a Computer Science Undergraduate in the UK, has been convicted by a UK court after it heard an audio of a 20-year-old woman he sexually assaulted. In the audio which was played in the court by the prosecution, the woman was heard pleading with him as he assaulted her "I don't want this. I'm very drunk".

Odukoya had on the day he attacked the lady, met her at a night out with some of his friends. He offered to give her a lift which she accepted. Odukoya then dropped off his other friends at their homes before heading back to his flat with his victim who was already drunk.

According to, his victim's "instincts kicked in" in the car and she turned on her phone's recording app which recorded her saying "Please, I have a boyfriend. I don't want this. I'm very drunk.”

She managed to push him off and lock herself in his bathroom before ringing a friend to pick her up. The girl later gave the disturbing recordings to police.

Lead Prosecutor, Harry Baker, told the court "She was left humiliated. It affected her grades. She says it completely took her dignity away."

Odukoya's counsel, Andrew Davies told the court that he had been suspended from his Computer Sciences course after the sex assault. He said his client had brought "shame" to his family in Nigeria, who had saved up to send him to study in the UK. His father has completely disowned him and cut him off from his family, which will affect him for the rest of his life."

Recorder of Cardiff, Judge Eleri Rees QC, told Odukoya: "This girl sat on your settee and without warning you pulled down her trousers and her knickers. She pleaded with you to stop. She was extremely distressed. You showed no remorse. You said nothing of a sexual nature occurred which was undermined by the recordings. You took advantage of a young woman who was very vulnerable."

Odukoya, a computer science student, of Treforest, Pontypridd, was jailed for a year after being found guilty of sexual assault. He will remain on the sex offenders register for 10 years and given a restraining order against his victim for five years.

I hope he would have learned his lessons when he leaves prison in a year. May God forgive him and be with him.

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