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Dame'Art - Meet The 200 Level OOU Microbiology Student Melting Hearts With Her Creative Arts

Exclusive Rapport Interview with Creative Artist, Dame’artOh yeah, you heard it right, this 200 level OOU student is melting hearts with her impressive drawings, meanwhile, she's not even studying Fine Arts! Read the interview below:

I Don't Know What I Did With My December Salary

I Don't Know What I Did With My December SalaryA saying from an unknown source goes like this, "He who spends his December salary will know the true meaning of endurance in January".

8 Health Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2018

8 Health Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2018 It’s a New Year – so, it is a fresh start. It should be a good opportunity for you to defect from certain things that threaten your health and take actions on how to improve your well-being.

 Here are a few mistakes you should avoid this new year, 2018

1. Being hooked to gadgets:

Quite understandable that many of us cannot do without gadgets, but you need to take breaks sometimes to save your health. A 2011 Harvard review links prolonged television viewing with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality. More recently, researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston found that blue light—the kind emitted by tablets, cell phone, e-readers and other devices—disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythms, making it harder to get a good night’s rest.
Do well to take a 10-minute standing break every hour that you’re using your screens.
2. Skipping meals:

If you are the type that skips meals often, you ma…

Top 5 Sex Myths and Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 5 Sex Myths and Facts that will blow your mindThere are a lot of bizarre stories and sexual tittle-tattles about sex that people have grown up with for many years, and most of these persistent beliefs and myths about sex are really not true, and most times, it just ruins the fun.

Top 20 Physicists who Revolutionized our Understanding of the World

20 physicists who revolutionized our understanding of the world
You probably know what physics is. It's the study of the physical world, from falling apples to the motion of planets and stars to the behavior of the tiny subatomic particles that make up the world around us.

The 10 Most Generous Billionaires in The World

The 10 Most Generous Billionaires in The worldWhat does it mean to be generous? Generous means showing the willingness and readiness to give more of something, especially money than it is strictly necessary or expected. Generosity is really good, and in the case of these World Billionaires who have made a lot of money off the people, it is only right that they give back to the people all over the world. Below are 10 most generous billionaires in the world:

Short Story: The First Monday of 2017 - Hard Work!

First Monday of 2017 - Hard Work!
My alarm is crazy, it never misses a day to sound that alarming ringtone. It's the first Monday of the year, a public holiday at that, and it still jerked me up from sleep.
A battle ensued in me; my brain is up, but my body won't rise. The brain knows I've to hit the road to resume work early, but my body feels it shouldn't be working on this day. I tried to rest more. My brain won't go back to sleep. My stomach is running. I can't fight it, so I hit the toilet. 20 mins later, I've already scrubbed Facebook and Twitter, but not a poop dropped.
God knows, I should rest today. But I just can't do that, because, like the Nigerian Military, Police, and other security officials, I never have a holiday. I'm one of those who ensures that you people have fun filled holidays. I'm one of those who has to work on holidays so that the malls, stores, cinemas, restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, and other places you have fun can …

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