OPINION: Gospel of Deceit and the Acceptability by the Gullible By Adeniyi Muyiwa


The aforementioned eludes reality on the notion of the gone by and contemporaneous state of the nation, aftermath, and engagement of perception cum perspective of my person. The present state of the nation is no doubt being orchestrated by the agents of the devil, that possessed "deceit" as one of their major tools for the actualization of their ends. Their ideological stance had been spread across the length and breadth of the nation.

Why is their gospel more acceptable than salvation?

Why do they keep sustaining the said concept?

Who are the ones purchasing their unmarketable and contaminated goods?

The above questions thread the path of rigidity to my person until I realized that the response to the inquiries is in itself hidden. The gospel of deceit is much more important these days than salvation (with what we see, hear and feel), solely because, the trains of salvation are being modeled by deceit, driven by deceit and sustained with deceit. The assertion remains within the scope of the socio-political posture of the state.

The concept needs its sustainability by reinvigorating the idea. An ideology that keeps its effectiveness on a go, need no intruder neither does it need to be shortchanged. How on earth should a working ideology for the actualization of one's end be thrown into the dustbin of forgetfulness? Hell NO!!! (The watchword of the convener of deceit).

Now, to the accomplices and the major stakeholders of the sustainability of the ideology.
The gullible ones are the major shareholders and stakeholders of the present state of the nation. YES!!! If not, you won't be asked to drink rat poison in the name of faith. You won't exchange your welfare for a thousand naira. You won't worship the evil doers in regalia of leadership. You won't be instructed to contribute to the universities whose gates your wards can't pass through. You will not be eager to contribute to the construction of a stadium where you won't have access to free matches. You won't sing-praise and turn stooges to those that deliberately milk and are still milking our Commonwealth dry. You will not engage one another in defense of the vagabond (I'll suggest a different word from vagabond) in power.

Your gullibility has contributed immensely to the downtrodden state of the nation. Why do you choose to accept "deceit" at the expense and detriment of truth? Why must you be fooled, deceived, duped, cheated over what belongs to you for decades on the notion of deceit? Mind you, gullibility connotes a cowed, fooled, cheated, deceived and naive personality. Do you still want to remain in such cocoon?

Way Forward:

It is often said that not everything confronted seek changes. But, nothing, therefore, changes without confrontation... It is high time you have a rethink on the justification of having a government and your benefit of having a society for all... No man is born gullible, but your perception towards these determines your outcome.

Writer: Adeniyi Muyiwa Sirmayor 
Social Crusader 


Anonymous said…
This is incredibly honest. How else can you explain this. We need more social crusaders who are not afraid to speak up. Thanks for this beautiful piecr.

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