Big Brother Naija 2017: The Overall Winners and Losers

Big Brother Naija 2017: The Overall Winners and Losers

Big Brother Naija 2017: The Overall Winners and Losers

The second edition of the Big Brother Naija, tagged “See Gobbe” has ended, but not without controversies. The show which stole the heart of many Nigerians raised lucid debates about morality and ethnicity; it also shed some light on our state of affairs, disposition and stance as Nigerians. With no doubt, there are winners and losers from the success of BB Naija 2017. You can take a look at the two previous articles on BBNaija here and the trend analysis here. Let’s take a look at the overall winners and losers below:

BB Naija Overall Winners

1.  The biggest winner here is surely the organisers. Though, Big Brother Naija organisers got a wave of criticism from the onset of this 2017 edition. The first criticism centred on why the organisers had to host the show which was tagged “Naija” in another country, South Africa. Critics argued that this would have created temporary employment for South Africans, but not Nigerians who are the main target audience of the show. The second wave of criticism came in the first few weeks of the show. The critics argued that the public show of immorality on National TV is a disgrace to the ethics and morals been imbibed in Nigerian youths.

However, the BB Naija organisers were able to steady the ship by cancelling the airing of shower hours and taking the cameras away from scenes that could get very raunchy. As weeks passed, the show viewers increased. Analytics of Twitter trends of the two weeks that led to the grand finale shows that more than 1,500 tweets mentioned “BB Naija” every minute. This was good for the show ratings and sponsors.

The show organisers main gain was the huge revenue that would have been gathered from votes. Viewers were compelled to vote for their favourite housemates by texting their names to a short code. Though, Telecommunications companies received 70% of revenue from each text message. A text message costs N30. The show host, Ebuka, revealed that there were more than 26 million votes for the grand finale. 30% of N30 is N9. If the majority of votes were from text messages, then we can say the show organisers generated about N234,000,000 for the grand finale alone. That is a lot of money if you consider the many more votes since the first eviction show. BB Naija organisers are surely smoking loud in their Mercedes Benzes by now.

2. The second biggest winner here is the show official lead sponsor, Payporte. The first goal of any marketing campaign for a business entity is brand awareness, then conversion of potential customers. Nobody can say Payporte didn’t achieve all of these goals. Though it is not clear whether Payporte has a share in the revenue of the show, but their popularity ratings soared since the show began. Before the show, many could claim to not have heard of Payporte online store. Now that the show has ended, Payporte is surely high up there in popularity ratings with other major eCommerce competitors.

Aside from the Payporte online store adverts that got played on TV, the store supported the many in-house games. Also, during the course of the show, it supplied housemates with many of their fashionable outfits. The housemates literally became models for Payporte attires that told viewers that ordering the same outfits is just a few clicks away. Viewers who visited the store discovered that it is not just for trendy outfits, but also for furniture and household items. 

Viewers who wanted to see more of the evicted housemates were also treated to many events organised by Payporte. The online store seized the opportunity by making the evicted housemates their brand ambassadors. The total amount of money spent by eCommerce company is unknown, and we don’t know if they made a lot of money in return, but the online store marketing managers will surely be basking in the euphoria of their new popularity.

3. The other big winners are the Telecommunication companies and Multichoice. We can’t say for sure the sharing formula of revenue generated between Multichoice and the show organisers, but usually, Telcos receive 70%. That is a lot of revenue within a space of three months. The grand finale had more than 26 million votes. The previous eviction show before that had 11 million votes. MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo are singing to Davido’s latest hit, “30 Billion for the account oh…”

The Overall Losers

Interestingly, the past 12 weeks have revealed how Nigerians can make some rather fringe things seem consequential. The way campaigns were rolled out to seek for votes for the housemates became ridiculous. Relatives, friends and fans of housemates who got to the show finals carried out numerous rallies. Billboard adverts were created for housemates. Celebrities also keyed into this by using their popular platforms to canvas for votes. Many of the show viewers became digital and traditional marketers overnight. In fact, the BB Naija show buzz was close to that of the 2015 general election votes.

So, who are the overall losers? The losers are the voters who were ripped off by BB Naija organisers, Multichoice, and Telcos. People had to spend their hard earned money in this economy of scarce resources to vote for housemates. It was reported that comedian I Go Dye gave out 1 million naira in airtime to fans who wanted to vote for Efe. Bobrisky was all over SnapChat showing how he spent N20,000 daily on votes for TBoss. The main question: what did the BB Naija show viewers and voters get in return for their votes? BB Naija organisers, Multichoice, and Telcos smiled to the bank, the voters smile to their TV screens. Let’s borrow a line from Mr Eazi’s Leg Over song, “Monkey dey chop, omo na baboon dey work oh…”


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