Beware! ‘One Chance’ Armed Robbers Now Go Around With POS Machines

‘One Chance’ Armed Robbers Now Go Around With POS Machines

Beware! Be Cautious!  ‘One Chance’ Armed Robbers Now Go Carry P.O.S Machines

Oh yes, you heard that right! Do you know that One Chance armed robbers now go around in a taxi and commercial buses (danfo/cabs) with P.O.S machines to the detriment of other unsuspecting commuters? Who are these “One Chance” armed robbers? They are bad boys and girls that board public transports like normal commuters, and in the middle of the journey, they reveal their weapons, attack and rob other passengers off their properties.

‘One Chance’ Armed Robbers Now Go Around With POS Machines

The inconspicuous thing now is that they now carry POS machines, rob other passengers at gunpoint, request for your ATM card and PIN, they then withdraw money via POS. And the crazy thing about this is that money withdrew via the POS cannot the traced to any bank account, according to reports from victims.

Please, share this message with your relatives and friends, even your enemies (LOL).

*** Always be at alert and cautious.

*** Observe the bus stop/park surroundings well before you get into the public bus service.

*** Observe other passengers in the bus/taxi you are about to board.

*** If you leave your house very early in the morning (dawn), ensure you get the taxi/bus registered plate numbers copied somewhere. Be wary of unsettled or excessively or all-male passengers. Once you are not comfortable, swiftly alight before takeoff.

*** Make sure not to fight the robbers back when they try to rob you, they are always armed like you see in these pictures. Remember, there is hope when there is life. Let go of your belongings, and hope that when you report at the Police station, they get arrested, and you can have your belongings returned.

‘One Chance’ Armed Robbers Now Go Around With POS Machines

May God guide all of us. Endeavour to share this vital information to all of your friends, family and well-wishers to be very careful as they go about their business.


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