5 Popular Ways Nigerians Eat Rice

Rice is one of the most popular food items Nigerians can never stop eating. There is also this rivalry among Nigeria and neighbouring African countries about who makes the best jollof rice. Rapport Naija shares five of these locally made Nigerian meals that include rice and other recipes. The white rice is the classic for all preparations, but the recipes listed below also for with brown or wild rice.

Tuwo Shinkafa, 5 Popular Ways Nigerians Eat Rice

1. Tuwo Shinkafa

Tuwo Shinkafa is a fufu recipe prepared with the soft rice variety, and this meal is popular in the Northern regions of Nigeria. It is usually preferred with short local rice that can be easily mashed to make a mass of Fufu, although, the meal is also made with rice flour. Usually, it is served with Northern Nigerian soups that include Miyan Kuka, Miyan Taushe and more. It is also used as swallow with other Nigerian soups. If you are looking to buy cheap rice in Lagos, check here for information on Lake Rice.

Masa/Sinasir, 5 Popular Ways Nigerians Eat Rice

2. Masa/Sinasir

This is another Northern Nigerian rice recipe eaten mostly by the Hausa people. Masa or Sinasir is simply rice pancakes. It is prepared with the same soft variety of rice used for Tuwo Shinkafa, and is simply made by blending the rice until its smooth, adding yeast and onion, sugar and salt after the mix has risen, then frying in oil. It is traditionally made into an oval shape. It is popular and seen at most Suya stands in the North.

 Jollof Rice, 5 Popular Ways Nigerians Eat Rice

3. Jollof Rice

Jollof is a popular rice recipe in Nigeria, Africa, and in the whole wide world. Jollof rice is very tasty and consumed by many people from different parts of the world. There is hardly an event or occasion in the country with rice not on the menu, as its attractive colour, aroma, and plush taste makes it the preferred dish. It is usually eaten with moi- moi, vegetable salad or fried plantain. See things you don’t know about rice here.

4. Kunun Gyada

Kunun Gyada is a porridge that looks like pap (Akamu or Ogi) except that it is produced from raw groundnuts and rice instead. To prepare the meal, simply boil groundnut milk and add to rice blended with cool water. The technique can also be reversed and the rice poured into the hot groundnut milk.

Rice and stew/sauce, 5 Popular Ways Nigerians Eat Rice

5. Rice and stew/sauce

Rice and stew is a very common meal combination in Nigeria. The rice is simply boiled with salt and paired with either tomato stew or any other sauce ranging from Ofada sauce, Ofu Akwu, vegetable sauce and even broths like pepper soup and gravy. From Bukas to hotel restaurants, rice is served with different types of local stews, sauce and soups.

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