9 Surefire Ways To Know Your Village People Do Not Want You To Have A Girlfriend

Are you one of those who can’t find a girlfriend? Well, you may not be the problem; it could one of your village people, Lol. To know if your village people are the one behind your inability to get yourself a beautiful girlfriend in Nigeria, check out the list below:

1. If you visit your girlfriend in her area and you're mistaken for a Badoo member. Haha, your own do be!
9 Surefire Ways To Know Your Village People Do Not Want You To Have A Girlfriend, Funny Post

2. If all the ladies you approach are always hostile to you even though you look super fly and handsome, and they're obviously single and seriously searching. My guy, go beg the witches in your village.

3. If you start a thread on Facebook/Twitter to profess your love to a lady, and she reports your post to be flagged down. Shoo, just move ahead Bro.

4. If you work in Chevron, drives a nice car and wear top notch designer wears, yet every lady you woo prefers a broke guy to you. Look closely, your village people are around.

5. If you travel to meet your girlfriend in her location and you end up in the hands of Kidnappers like Evans. Uncle, your village people will not donate in the $1million for your release oh.

6. If you're a very super person in bed, yet you lose your girlfriend to a one-minute guy, your village people get a hand for your matter.

7. When you're very cute, well-toned with 6 packs and you lose your girlfriend to some ugly guy like the one below, go for church deliverance.

8. If you donate your kidney to your girlfriend and you guys quarrel and she says "what have you done for me that your mates have not done before?”. Whatever occurs later Bro, make sure people don’t say, “His village people pushed him to murder his girlfriend”.

9. If you're in a no sex relationship with your girlfriend and you contract HIV through kissing and cuddling.

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