OPINION: These Are The Members Of Deadly Badoo Cult Group

 These Are The Members Of Deadly Badoo Cult Group

I have been following the news of the notorious cult group popularly called Badoo. I am amazed that in 2017, we can be handling a security issue in an uncivilised manner.

What is bad is bad, and the Yoruba’s say, “Bi be ori ko ni ogun ori fifo – We do not cut off the head to cure a headache,” how did we now get to this point where it looks as if there is no Police force or other security operatives in the Ikorodu area of Lagos? How come the residents have taken laws into their own hands? What is the official position of the government in this Badoo menace?

I have pondered over all the reactions surrounding the activities of the Badoo terror group and would like to share the list of people who share the same criteria with the devilish group.

1. The real Badoo cult groups: It has been reported in some quarters that the Badoo cult members sell the handkerchiefs with which they use to collect their victims’ blood for N500,000 to ritualists. It is disheartening to think some reasonable persons will carry out this outrageous act where they hypnotise a whole family, use grinding stones to hit them on the head, and then wipe their blood to go sell to some other persons. Do we blame this on unemployment? I hope that their sponsors are fished out immediately.

2. The Police force and other security operatives: Badoo members have been operating in the Ikorodu area for more than 12 months. In a sane society, how can there be a security force that lacks the will and desire to arrest a security problem that has been on for one year? About 30 persons have died in the hands of dreadful Badoo guys, and after 12 months, the only thing the Police is capable of doing is organising a meeting with OPC and vigilantes. Many members of these vigilante groups –who are known miscreants-, led the Police to random areas in Ikorodu to raid innocent people in broad daylight. The question is do members of Badoo operate in the day?

3. Ambode’s Lagos State government: It is quite appalling that at this stage of the Badoo menace, the state government does not appear to be faced with any responsibility whatsoever. How can we have a state government that is failing in one of its duties to provide adequate securities to all the residents in the state? For 12 solid months, no solution, and Governor Ambode has not visited Ikorodu to sympathise with the friends and relatives of Badoo victims or to offer a clear plan on how the government and security agencies have on curtailing the security problem.

4. The residents turned mob: Are we no more in a civilised world? Where is our humanity? How can residents openly arm themselves with different weapons to perform jungle justice on ‘suspected’ members of the notorious group? What happened to ‘apprehended members’ of the group arrested handed over to the Police so that further investigation can be carried out, and they can be charged to court? How do we know the alleged members been murdered in daylight over suspicion to Badoo are not innocent? In Adamo, we had four land speculators killed over false claims of links to Badoo. A few days ago, MC Think Twice was said to have been among the three people killed in Odonguyan. What is the difference of mobs to the real Badoo members? You all are cold-blooded people.

5. The people justifying jungle justice: Do you know that it could be you or your friends/relatives that may end up in a case of mistaken identity? How can you justify some persons beating and burning another human to death over a crime that the law of the lands have provision for? Can you tell me people who are so heartless to kill other people under the guise of clamping down on Badoo members will not kill some other persons over a little argument or something? The most painful thing is that educated people sit online defending the actions of the mobs. How can you defend people lynching humans like some Aboki roasting suya? These actions are inhumane; this is 2017 for Christ sake.

Conclusion: I do not understand the joy in cheering mobs to kill people, no matter the crime. It is bad that Ikorodu is now a lawless community where anyone can now be pointed at as a member of Badoo group and mobs will carry out jungle justice without any hindrance from the security operatives.

Many of us cannot walk freely in some parts of Ikorodu for fear of being labelled a Badoo cult member. This is bad. Governor Ambode, governance is not just about generating revenues and building overhead bridges. The lives of the people living and doing business in Lagos are important to use your new bridges and roads. Some secondary school students are still in the captivity of Kidnappers, and it's over 40 days now. The security problems do not align with the vision of your new Lagos. Lagos at 50 is a Lagos of sorrows for some residents in Lagos. Help Us!


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