How Too Much Water  Is  a  Bigger  Threat Than  Too  Little 

To  a  layperson,  such  a  topic  sounds  confusing.  Most  people  know  that  the  body  needs  more water  to  remain  healthy  and  function  properly. Beginners  in  athletics  and  fitness  also  know that  they  need  to  drink  a  lot  of  water  to  remain  hydrated.  However,  there  is  a  concern  that hyperhydration  can  be  risky  for  an  athlete. 
Avoiding  drinking  too  much  water  has  been  advised  by  experienced  medical  researchers after  various  studies  on  the  issue.  Apart  from  derailing  your steroides  oraux  fitness enhancement  programs,  there  are  numerous  other  threats  that  come  along  with  drinking  too much  water.  But,  how  is  this  possible?  Keep  reading  to  understand  more  especially  if  you are  an  athlete  who  has  been  taking  water  consumption  too  far. 
Where  Confusion  Began 
There  is  no  doubt  that  most  sportsmen  and  sportswomen  drink  more  water  than  the  body needs.  Previously,  they  had  been  le…

5 Gas Safety Tips You Should Know Today

Are gas stoves safe? Many of us use gas cookers and keep a gas cylinder at home. We surely must have derived great benefit in using gas cookers and have experienced how efficient and convenient it is to use. People who have previously made use of kerosene stoves and firewood can attest to the fact that gas cookers are simply the best. 
However, one of the biggest problems usually encountered with using a gas cooker is safety. If you are the careless type of person, gas cookers are not for you because it can lead to a serious catastrophe. For this reason, Ink & Pen's Blog - RapportNaija - the best Health Blog you can trust shares gas safety hacks you must know.
Safety Tips For Using A Gas Cooker
1. Maintain your appliances well 
It is recommended that gas appliances should be safety checked and serviced at least once annually, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. A thorough service on your boiler and gas supply will include a range of tests and checks to ensure that the …

Smelly Feet (Bromodosis): 3 Effective Tips To Curb This Problem

3 Important Tips To Curb Smelly Feet (Bromodosis)
Do you have coworkers or friends that you can't stand pulling off their shots because of the pungent smell that would emanate? Or are you the type that when you go visiting your friend and relatives, because of your persistent smelly feet, you can’t pull off your shoes? 
The top questions on the minds of persons like these are "how do I get rid of smelly feet?  How can I make my feet stop smelling?"
What does it mean if you have stinky feet? Smelly foot, which is also known as bromodosis, is a well known embarrassing problem faced by many people today.
The cause of bromodosis is the breakdown of sweat in the presence of bacteria thereby releasing a strong offensive odour. According to Healthline, fungal infections like athlete’s foot can often lead to bromodosis. But, whether caused by sweat acted upon by bacteria or by fungal infections, the good news is that it can easily be treated.
Smelly feet can be treated through the fol…

How To Minimize The Risk Of Food Poisoning

Have you ever suffered from food poisoning?
Food safety is one of the most important parts of an healthy diet. Processing and storage of food items is very essential for our body and soul. 
In this short article, we would discuss simple food handling tips that are very effective in helping to avoid the risks of food poisoning.
Tips To Minimize The Risk Of Food Poisoning
1. Be wary of expiry dates
Do you keep tabs on expiry dates when you buy your food items at the stores or market?
Never eat food that has past its expiry date, even if it looks and smells perfectly okay.
Expiry dates are determined by scientific tests, and they show how quickly harmful bacteria can develop in the packaged food.
2. Always wash your hands
Do you wash your hands before and after every meal? 
After any activity, especially after working for long and using the toilet, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them before handling food.
If you touch the bin, clean your home, blow your nose or touch animals…

4 Must Have Physical Traits for Health and Longevity

Most  people  have  already  set  the  health  and  fitness  goals  that  they  want  to  achieve  in  their next  fitness  cycle. According  to  most  fitness  experts,  physical  goals  are  the  ones  that  shape how  long  you  will  live  and  how  healthy  you  will  be.  But,  these  goals  do  not  just  come  easily without  putting  some  traits  into  focus.  While proper  diet  and  steroids  like anavar  will  be  of help,  what  one  must  have  to  succeed  include  strength,  workout  capacity,  body  composition and  mobility.  So,  let  us  look  at  each  one  of  them  and  how  they  help  in  achieving  health  and longevity  goals. 

As  most  of  you  know,  specific  workouts  are  designed  to  increase  body  strength  especially when  performed  in  the  right  manner.  Any  fitness  trainer  will  list  for  you  the  workouts  to  focus on  if  your  goal  is  to  increase  muscle,  core  and  tendon  strength  over  time.  However,  the strength  t…

Childhood Weight Gain Linked To Intake Of Caffeine During Pregnancy - New Study

Can caffeine harm an unborn baby?

Is it OK to drink caffeine while pregnant?

How does caffeine affect a fetus?

What happens when you drink too much caffeine while pregnant? Answers to these questions were addressed in this new study.

Caffeine intake by pregnant women can affect their child's brain function. In a new study, the effects of caffeine were seen eight years later in some children.

Most pregnant women certainly have to avoid certain foods and drinks, such as raw meat and alcohol. But a new study supports the notion that a high intake of caffeinated substances may also be detrimental to a baby's health.

The study, published on Monday in the journal BMJ Open, found that excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy was linked to excess growth during the infant's first year of life and an increased risk of the child being overweight eight years later -- both of which are associated with an increased risk of obesity later in life, according to Eleni Papadopoulou, researcher a…

Stroke Kills 30 Nigerians Every Hour - Female Neurologist

Professor Njideka Okubadejo, Nigeria’s first female neurologist, says at least one person dies every two minutes from stroke in the Nigeria.   Okubadejo, of the University of Lagos, disclosed this at her Inaugural Lecture at the University in Lagos titled “Strokes of Movement and Trips: Strategic Opportunism as Am Approach to Improve Neurological Care in Africa”. According to her, the estimated stroke mortality rate in Nigeria is between 120 and 240 per 100,000 population. “Extrapolated to our current estimated population of approximately 184 million, according to, this translates to about 281,520 deaths annually,” she said.  N
Okubadejo said “a stroke is a medical emergency in which the flow of blood to a portion of the brain stops suddenly. Brain cells are dependent on oxygen within the blood and without this, start to die after a few minutes, hence the maxim, Time is Brain. Stroke symptoms reflect the area of the brain that has been injured and although recovery …

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