Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online - Number Two Is So Easy

Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online

Top 4 Surefire Ways To Make Money Online 

Do you know how to make online? Are you aware that there are ways to make money fast online? Yes, I mean the coolest, legit, and smartest ways to make money on the internet and social media - not international and local fraud/scamming (AKA Yahoo-Yahoo, 419).

It's quite alarming that we Nigerian youths in this particular generation all want to be rich without hustling (legitimate hustle), we all just want to make something out of nothing.

Many of us, at 28 years old haven't worked to earn any money in all of our life. I have seen kids who are just 14 years old sitting in Cyber Cafe and indulging in internet scams, carrying out petty crimes like pickpocketing, local scams (419), robbery etc... and if unlucky, many ends up a criminal in the Police or EFCC dungeons.

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At 28, many of us still receive juicy pocket money from our parents and guardians. That get-money-and-blow-money-fast syndrome is so prevalent among us. Go to our campuses and see how most of us are worried about fitting in, getting acceptance from the in-crowd, yet only a few are creative with entrepreneurial sense.

Where is the creativity? Creativity is just learning to do things with a different perspective. We can make 100s of excuses and rant about the poor state of our economy, but why should we always depend on the government? Why should we always depend on our rich parents, uncles, and aunties who's worked hard over the years? I know our Nigerian parents have got that my-pikin-no-go-suffer-like-me syndrome which makes them over protect and pamper us to the point where we become useless, but flexing around town because we got our parents money to throw around, oppressing salary earners.

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Open the door to talent and virtue, and they would do themselves justice! Ever thought of how we could use the internet and social media to our advantage is that we all sleep and wake up on the internet? Maybe you’re a young kid who wants to start a business or a university graduate who wants to create a job (rather than finding one), or perhaps you’re a corporate mouse who’s fed up with the rat race; you can make money on the internet.

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for the entrepreneurial-at-heart, and you don't even have to be a computer science graduate or a computer geek to engage in one. There are about more than 21 businesses that you can start today and efficiently run with just a laptop and an internet connection, even on your smart phones! I will name a few categories, and you can do your research on it. Below are the Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online in 2017:

1- Development / Programming- in this class, you can learn to become a web developer, mobile app developer, and blog maintenance, provider. Millions of small businesses and blogs need their services. This is one surefire way to earn money online. There are a lot online colleges offering free classes online where you can learn to do all these yourself. there are also many physical tutorial colleges across the country. One of these citadel of learning is NIIT. Though, the training fee may look exorbitant, but I assure that you would reap all you spend quickly in the long run.

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2- Graphics design- you can become a logo designer, web designer, computer-aided designer, book cover designer, mobile app designer, web theme designer, and videographer. This is another online making money sure job. If you have topnothc graphics design techniques, then you make money online. You can be designing cover or album arts for music artists. It could movies cover photos or book covers, to logos for businesses and so much more. You can find learning centres around the country to learn this for a reasonable amount.

3- Writing- This category deals with a lot of creativity, and this is where I am particularly sharpening my skill. Authors, copywriters, editors, transcribers, language translators and bloggers are highly needed. This is where I make my own money online. There are many freelance sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, UpWork etc. all looking for freelancers who can write. In Nigeria, there are many adverts in Nairaland's Writing Adverts sub-category looking for good writers. Some Nigerian writers charge for as much as 5 Naira per word, so if you write a 1,000 words article, you would have earned N5,000 - quick money! There are online courses that would teach you the basic way fro writing for the internet if you want to write for blogs.

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4- Internet Marketing- Here, you can learn social media managing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketer, content marketing, and email marketing. Many firms are looking for people who can boost their companies in this field. Digital marketers are need from banks to government institutions and even small business owners are looking for online marketers, because every brand is trying to leverage all the many opportunities online. 

All this are areas where you can learn new skills in less than a month and make money fast, as in real quick money. Within a year, you can start raking in money, even creating jobs for others. Instead of sitting on Facebook and Twitter 24/7 doing absolutely nothing relevant. You can be in your home making money, doing what you like!

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