8 Reasons Why You Wake Up With Body Pains In The Morning

8 Reasons Why You Wake Up With Body Pains In The Morning

Have you ever wondered why you wake up with body pains? Do you ask yourself, ‘why does my body ache when i wake up in the morning’? Do you know why you wake up sore and stiff every morning? Sometimes you may feel like you did something strenuous all night and you end up having a "less active" day often coupled with headache and tiredness. 

If you wake up stiff and sore every morning, this blog post is all you need to know how to avoid body pain in the morning when you wake up. Below are 8  reasons you wake up with body pains:

Here are some possible causes and solutions to waking up with body pains;

A bad bed: Not all beds/mattresses are ideal to sleep on. Some are too old and deformed and become flat when pressure is applied on them. The lower part of the body sinks in the bed which causes irregular flow of blood. Get a good mattress and enjoy your sleep.

Bad sleeping position: A proper sleeping position can help reduce body pains. It may be difficult to maintain a good posture, therefore it is advisable to get accustomed to a good sleeping position or use pillow to support yourself when sleeping.

Eating heavy food/ drinking water just before bed: YES! Some people may find it convenient to eat just before bed and they will be fine. For some it may cause sleepless night due to indigestion and full bladder, therefore eat dinner early or take light meals before bed.

Lack of exercise: To avoid body pains when you wake up -practise daily routine exercise. Do jumping jacks, stretch your body, skip and dance. It really helps.

Avoid excess sugar intake: The intake of sugar especially without burning it causes body and joint pains. Back and waist pains also result from too much sugar in the body, avoid sweet things or burn the sugar taken in by exercise.

Drink plenty of water: It's amazing that water treats many sicknesses, it also helps reduce body pains. Take plenty of water and eat water fruits like cucumber and watermelon.

Malnutrition: The lack of vitamins and minerals especially iron and vitamin B complex can cause body pains. Always eat balanced diet and take supplements often, it really helps.

Sickness: Body pains can be a sign that you are not feeling well. After trying all of these and you still don't feel well, see a doctor. Avoid excess painkillers and self-medication.

I hope this helps, Stay healthy!