Flash fiction: Boko Haram Mosquitoes visited me.

Mosquito biting
Abubakr Shekau and his cronies visited me this midnight in form of mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are hardened terrorists- maybe they were trained by ISIS. Wow I've been up since 1.30am, it's almost 4.35am. The sound they made terrorized my entire sleep!

There is that one who kept coming back after every 10mins, I flashed my torch, she looked hefty like Manchester City football club Kompany. Maybe they were ManCity first eleven after all; I saw Sagna, Mangala, Fernadinho and the rest.

From science, they said the female mosquitoes (anopheles) are the ones who bite. Why does it have to be a female? It goes to show how all things female are wicked.

Not sure I'm getting back to work in the morning, I need to get enough sleep. I think I'm gonna have to purchase my raid or mortein aircraft to carry out air raids on this damned Taliban mosquitoes, and if they're football squad, I'm gonna have to be Barcelona football club- so I can raid them with Messi!


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