Flash fiction: I should have abstained!

I sat in the toilet and concentrated on the urine as I tried to push it out. I felt a burning sensation, the one I slightly felt when I went to pee in the wee hours of the morning.

I lay on my bed, reminiscing about the enjoyable night of pleasure I spent with him. I could still picture his handsome face.

The urge to urinate gripped me. I rushed to the bathroom to pee, and felt a burning sensation as the urine came out.

I thought to myself ” He must have injured me when we made love.” I went back to the room, picked a torch and squatted to view my genitals. My brows narrowed when I saw my labia minora- red and swollen.

“What if I had contracted a bacterial infection or HIV?” I burst into tears. I trusted him to be free of infections after he swore that he had never been with anyone. I regretted that I broke my vow of abstinence, worse that I did without protection.

After frequent painful urination and avoiding the sitting room so I don’t raise suspicion, I realized that crying was not the solution. “What now?” I reasoned.

I shuddered at the thought of telling mum, what will I say? “That I had an illicit sexual encounter at the age of 15?

I picked my piggy bank and counted the money which was only #2,000, it wasn’t enough to see a doctor. I decided to visit a pharmacy.

I tried to control the tears that threatened when I remembered how hard I saved to get mum a gift for the upcoming mother’s day.

While I dressed to go to the pharmacy, my phone rang and I knew it was him. I switched off my phone, I despised him already.

As I left the room and prayed that no one sees me go out, two things kept ringing in my ears. “I should have abstained.” “I should have used a condom.” The former was louder!!!

Flash fiction written by Adesina Oyindamola.


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