How To Avoid Tonsil (Whitish/Yellowish Smelly) Stones that Comes out of Your Mouth

Tonsil stones

How To Avoid Tonsil (Whitish/Yellowish Smelly) Stones that Comes out of Your Mouth

What do you know about Tonsil stones? Tonsils are two lymph nodes/tissue located in the throat at the root of the tongue.

They prevent infection (germs and bacteria) from entering the airways and the body through the mouth.

When the tonsils become infected by a powerful bacteria that they can't fight, they cease to perform their function and needs to be removed. The infection of the tonsil is called Tonsilitis.

The whitish/yellowish smelly lump is called Tonsil stones. It is a sign that your Tonsils are functioning perfectly because they contain dead cells, bacteria, germs and tiny food particulates which are supposed to enter the body and cause infection.

The more your chances of infection, the faster the growth of the stones. These stones calcify and store white pockets and crevices found in the tonsil, once they are too big for the pockets, they come out without force; that is why most people wake up to find these stones in their mouth.

Sometimes you need to force them out because they can create a nuisance. They make you feel like something is stuck in your throat, therefore making you clear your throat several times or making it hard to swallow. They also smell and cause bad breath.

You don't have to take drugs to treat it because it's not an ailment. Don't take antibiotics because you think it's an infection, self-medication is dangerous.

If these stones occur too often, too big, cause serious pains or become colored or slimy, you should see a doctor immediately.

How to avoid these stones:

* Sometimes you experience these stones more than other times, it may be as a result of what you eat. Study your feeding pattern to know when they occur most and avoid or reduce foods like that.

* Always wash your hands before eating. Eat washed fruits and properly cooked food. Eat a balanced diet.

* Eat garlic often, it helps control that bad breath and also kill harmful bacteria.

* Having oral sex with unhealthy people often cause it. Most times you cannot see if the privates are infected, therefore, you should be careful.

* Drink plenty of clean water.

* Avoid dust and polluted air.

* Gargle with clean warm water and salt.

I hope these helps, stay healthy!