Why Do We Take Bad Risks That Are Avoidable? Learn About This Risk Analysis Method

Why Do We Take Bad Risks That Are Avoidable? Learn About This Risk Analysis Method
Why do we take bad risks that are avoidable? If life is like a journey, then it's like we enjoy driving reckless!

We know we stand a chance to contact sexually transmitted diseases, and get an unwanted pregnancy that could change the course of our life, yet we engage in unprotected sexual intercourse. (some of us even enjoy cunnilingus). Why?

You have an exam (final year exams in the university) the next morning, and you're unprepared, but you still managed to attend your course mate's birthday party, drank enough booze, visited your love partner and slept over. The next day you at the exam hall, chewing off the top of your pen, staring at the ceiling with your mind point blank like a tuned in a dead channel on TV. You know that's an extra year. Why?

You already have that main cute boyfriend/ girlfriend that you sure know you want to end up with in the nearest future, your number one! But you still frolicking with other guys out there, flirting and keeping side-chicks/side-bobos. You know if you get caught, your main partner may never forgive you, and that could be the end of that relationship you have kept for many years. Why?

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You earn a particular amount in a month. You don't have any other source of income. You have plans which you need money for, also unforeseen contingencies could arise. You don't save. You spend more than you earn, mostly on unnecessary things that could wait or the things you don't need. You're always broke at the middle of the month. Why?

You are the only child of your old mother. She gave birth to you in her old age through the Caesarian session, resulting to her comatose for more than 3days. She trained you well. You gained admission into one of the most prestigious university in the country with mom's influence. You start to move with bad guys. Eventually, you joined a cult group. You risked been expelled out of school and getting killed by rival cult groups. Why?

You were brought up in a very religious and disciplined home. You have learnt to worship God is the greatest thing on earth, but you barely pray and worship God when you're away from home. You engage in all nefarious activities that you sure know will only lead you to astray. Why?

Knowing fully well how the Police, SARS, and EFCC clamp down on criminals- you still engage in a life of crime. Touting, smoking of banned substances, the internet and local scam, armed robbery, militancy, terrorism among others. Why?

You got a good job. You're at your workplace. You should have a priority list of things you do at work that makes you diligent, improve you and aide your promotion. You have a job to handle, but you procrastinate. Instead, you chat away with your co-workers, take more time out when you go for a lunch break, and spend other quality time reading newspapers and staying online on social medias. Why?

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I know we all make mistakes, but I pray we never go astray, doing the wrong thing, making bad choices or decisions, taking stupid risks that would mar our progress in life.

Before you take a risk, you can apply this risk analysis method I learnt from Ben Carson, The best/worst analysis. You ask yourself;

1- what's the best thing that could happen if I take this risk?

2- what's the worst thing that could happen if I take this risk?

3- what's the best thing that could happen if I don't take this risk?

4- what's the worst thing that could happen if I don't take this risk?

By analyzing your situation with this questions, you discern why (what, when, where, etc.) you should take any risk.


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