How To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

How To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

How do you prevent teenage pregnancy? What ways do you employ in preventing teenage pregnancy in schools or church? Read the short story below.

"After they had both came, the guy rolled over and smiled. They both lie on their backs for a while. It was time for her to go home and he stood up to remove the condom, guess what he saw?

The condom had broken, and the semen went straight inside her, his thrust was deep. Being a fertile man and for the fact that she did not know if it was her ovulation period her chance of conceiving was 80% and she WASN'T READY!!!"

You can just imagine the scenario in the story... Do you know what to do immediately to prevent pregnancy?

What to do immediately to prevent pregnancy.

1. Prepare a concentrated solution of salt and water, drink it immediately. It will make the eggs acidic and stop the sperm from fertilising the egg! Yipee!!!

2. Take a contraceptive especially postinor2 within 48-72hours - that is two-three days after sex. Yay!!!

Popular Myths that won't help in preventing pregnancy:

1. Withdrawal method prevents pregnancy: The chances of withdrawal method is less than 50%. Sometimes sperm can be present in the lubricating fluid that appears on the tip of the penis. Also, the guy may release a drop or two before pulling out.

2. Walking, jumping and doing tedious work after sex will not make you get pregnant: Lol! (pardon me). That's a lie. There are millions of sperm swimming up to the eggs and even if you jump to the moon and back the healthy ones will keep swimming till they reach their destination.

3. You can't become pregnant before menstruating: Another lie, although it's rare but possible especially if you have reached puberty and your menses is late. You may be having your first ovulation before your first menses which means the eggs are ready to be fertilised.

4. Drinking chilled or unchilled coke/soda after unprotected sex will prevent pregnancy: It won't. Although it is said that caffeine may prevent pregnancy in some women, it's a long term effect. So if you are taking a coke or any soda, it will cool your nerves from the stressful work you just did, #winks.

5. Putting your fingers in to remove the sperm will prevent pregnancy: It won't. It will rather help push some in.

6. Having sex when you are menstruating will prevent conception: Just know that during sex, most of the blood in the sperm passage will come out, then the sperm will enter, stay in the uterus for as long as three days and may fertilise the egg.

7. Some sex positions prevent conception: This is false. No matter the position; the sperm comes out with force and swims straight up. If you kneel down or lie down or stand, it won't change the position of your vagina; the sperm still swims up.

8. You can't conceive the first time you have sex: That's a big lie, you can get pregnant the first time you have sex without protection and precautions.

9. Taking hard drugs and alcohol immediately after unprotected sex will prevent conception: This is false. The effect of a hard drug on infertility is a long time effect, doing it immediately won't help.

If you want to have sex, and you are not ready to conceive, then apply the blow tips for preventing teenage or any pregnancy at all:

* Always use condom

* Use contraceptives

* Go for family planning.

Stay safe, and I hope this helps.