Tips for Prospective Corp Members going to the NYSC Orientation Camp

Tips for Prospective Corp Members going to the NYSC Orientation Camp
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Updated July 2017: Are you one of those preparing for the next National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) orientation camp? Prospective corp members, have you been posted yet? Oh, you are going to Maiduguri ba? No need to cry Otondo! All will be well! All you need do right now is go through this post extensively. Note: if you are seeking relocation or redeployment from your state of posting, learn how you can do that successfully by clicking this link

Here are some basic tips for prospective corp members you need to get acquainted with before setting foot out of your home to the NYSC orientation camp;


You need to prepare well because life in the camp is surely going to be stressful. Orientation camp is to prepare you for the challenges you may face throughout your service year. You ma find it uncomfortable because it won't be like your personal home, so just zero your mind for a new experience and adventure.

So before packing all those jagbanjantis into your BIG bags. here is a list of what you'd actually need;

Very important Camp Items (you won't be allowed into the camp premises without these)

1. Statement of result/ transcript.

2. School final year I.D card.

3. Passport photographs (up to 30 copies, excess is better than shortage)

4. Call-Up letter (be it printed online or from the school, and should not be laminated!)

5. A clear bad file to house all these documents.

Once Again, REMEMBER - 10 Important Things All 2017 Batch A Stream II Should Make Available ASAP• Your Green Card (the slip you printed after registration), you can reprint if you lost that or you did not print it. It’s there on your dashboard on the NYSC portal. • Your Call-up letter (You will print it on 21st which is Friday this month of July) • Final year ID Card (You don’t have or you lost it, do not panic, ask us below) • Statement of result (for those who don’t have certificate) • Certificates/ Licenses for Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, and Lab Scientists • Passport Photographs (maximum of 5 needed but you can hold 10 in case one gets missing) • Photocopies of documents (5 copies per document) • A clear bag (to keep your documents safe and neat) • Your BVN number (make sure you have one and rectify any BVN issue before reporting to camp) • You are going to need a certificate of medical fitness from a government or military hospital Once you have those 10 above important stuffs ready, you are good to go. Otondo!

Other Important Items

6. Stationeries (stapler, pens, gum e.t.c to save you from borrowing).

7. Two/Three white round neck shirts and shorts (maybe more for the big boys and big girls who would like to seldom wash. NOTE: Two sets would be provided for you but may be of poor quality).

8. Two/Three pairs of socks and a rubber tennis shoe (for the rainy days).

9. Bathroom Slippers and White tennis shoe (NOTE: One white tennis shoe would be provided for you in the camp).

10. Bathing, Cleaning and Cloth washing items (bucket/s, toilet papers, bath soaps, detergent, soap case and bailer, disinfectants e.t.c... NOTE: Bucket would be available for sale in the camp but may be relatively more expensive).

11. Bedspread, towel, and maybe two casual wears for Sundays.

12. Mosquito net (well most camps would've been fumigated before your arrival, so not compulsory).

13. Handkerchiefs, cooler, cups and spoons.

14. Waist bag (highly essential to house your phones and chargers, cash and other little items).

15. Novels and Motivational books (because sometimes you could be bored to death), or GMAT materials.

16. Phone, power bank, and charger (smartphones with high-resolution cams for a lot of selfies and browsing), also small-sized torch or lamps.

17. Your ATM cards (to withdraw cash for enough flexing in the Maami market Lol).

18. Beverages (bring enough because the kitchen food may not be palatable at all times).

19. Ladies, don't forget your convenience pack (make-up kits, sanitary pads and tampons, perfume, combs and hair needs e.t.c. fine boys will be all over waiting to pounce Lol, even the soldiers and other officials, so come showcase your beauty and makeup skills).

20. First Aid Items and Medicines (methylated spirit, bandages, Robb, cotton wool, paracetamol, ibuprofen, tetracycline e.t.c)

21. Pegs/clips, padlocks, cloth hangers e.t.c

22. Lastly, Money and Money and More Money (but too much Money because of the thieves that would be among you)

23. Mirrors and forks are contraband. No weapons as well (you bloody agbero and frats Lol)

Arrival on camp

Aunty, Brother! Even if the orientation camp is next door to your home, please endeavour to arrive early. If you live in Lagos, and you are posted to Zamfara- it's advisable to leave a day before the camp opens. If camp opens on Tuesday, and you get there on Monday, you'd be allowed in. Save yourself silly registration stress by not arriving late. You hear?

Screening and Registration

The screening commences from the gate. Officials will search your bags for contrabands like iron, knives e.t.c. Your first registration will surely be for bed space and bed accompanied with a tag to identify with. After that, another proper registration follows. 

Please follow instructions, be vigilant, and have all your docs ready. Did I hear you say Corper Wee oh?

Your kits
Be ready to spend 20 full days in the camp (there are situations in which you could be offered permission to leave camp in between though), and on the 21st day, you get out. During registration, you get your kits (Khaki, shirts, shorts, and shoes). Just use a permanent marker to design it ASAP. You also get a tag that will show your state code number which will serve as your temporary I.D card for that moment. You must take it everywhere with you. You will then be given a meal ticket. If you misplace it, don't worry. Just withdraw all your money from the ATM. Maami market traders will be happy to serve you. (Anyways there are those who won't take a meal from the kitchen throughout the 21days. Just beg one of them for their meal ticket. So you collect first round food with your meal ticket and round two with another meal ticket. Not illegal please, its federal government's money, so indirectly also your money too Lol)

No room for nonsense (segesege)

If you like to pack all your casual wears from home, believe it now that you may only get the opportunity to wear them for few hours only on Sundays. Officials frown at casual wears and you won't get a breathing space. All they want to see you in is your white/white/white so they can call you white fowls. Many of you will faint on the parade ground though, but not you if you prepare and eat well. 'Squad one, one!!!"

Morning program

Soldiers will wake you up daily with a trumpet. A few mins later, flogging and whipping could follow if you slack too much in the hostel. All corp members are expected to gather on the parade ground by 4.30am for praise and worship (both Christians and Muslims), marching exercises, and other announcements. Breakfast follows by 7 am. Series of programmes follow breakfast till lunch and so on. My friend, just try as much as possible to get enough rest at every available opportunity you get.

The thieves among you

A lot of things will disappear during these 21days. Ensure you don't carry too much of expensive valuables to the camp. Eyes will shook, people will steal. Even the indigenes around are always on ground to pounce on anything you misplace. Pack as light as you can and make sure your bags are theft-proof. Beware!

These men and women in uniform have no right to beat you, but they are sure to discipline you at every junction you err. Try to be friendly with them, many of them are ready to be friends with you as well. Just enjoy your orientation camp period.

First Allowance
Your first Allowee will be given to you (cash N19,800) just before the end of the orientation period. Many of you would have received your bicycle and transport allowance before then. Other allowees will go into your bank account. Spend your money wisely. If you're the type who enjoy pictures a lot, by the end of 20days, you could be forking out N10,000 to pay for the photographs. That's not to say no pictures- you'd need a few pics to remind you of your camp struggles and fun (a lot of fun, like carnival or endurance trek, sponsored evening programmes like beauty pageant, drama e.t.c, camp fire night and so on. Just make every moment tantalising Lol).

Posting to PPAs

Be ready to be posted to anywhere. You'd be posted to your place of primary assignment (PPA) at the end of the orientation program. Don't lobby for posting. Many of you will end up in the villages in primary and secondary schools or local government councils. (That's where your services are needed the most so serve, serve Nigeria Lol). Pray and don't pay to be posted to a suitable place. Not many get to go to the government ministries in major cities, more so the major cities are always expensive. Transportation, accommodation, feeding could be very costly in the cities. Remember you'd be lucky to be paid in your PPA. 19.8k could be the only thing you'd depend on in a month except mum and dad want to be generous.

Out of camp

When you get your PPA posting letter, please do not travel back home ASAP. I know you're tired but go for documentation at your PPAs and other documentation with your assigned local government inspector (you'd need to open a new bank account for your subsequent allowees, and all that arrangement would've been made for you though). You'd be required to do your clearance before travelling as well. Failure to do so may result in delay or full forfeiture of your subsequent allowees.

Many employers won't be responsible for getting you out of camp but there would be buses to convey you down there. Where would you sleep on the first day? A temporary lodge may be provided by the local government council and Christian/Muslim's fellowships for you for a couple of days till you end your documentation. Some of you who like to spend can lodge in the hotels. Remember not all of you will get permanent accommodation later on. Be ready to spend out of your own pocket.

We at Ink and Pen's blog sincerely hope these tips will help you settle into wherever you are posted. In order to ensure a hassle-free registration process, printing of call-up letters and so on, prospective corps members are urged to visit these NYSC sites below:

We wish you great success! Otondo Gbera!!!


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