Beware of Secret Enemies in your Love Relationship

couples in love, Beware of Secret Enemies in your Love Relationship

General belief of a relationship is that- it is a connection based on secrecy, trust and mutual understanding between two people. If you are in a relationship, you must always see the possibilities of one or two (or more) person/s who will try to do anything possible at all cost to walk in your shoes. These kind of persons are "secret enemies." They will show you they are good friends you can trust, but you may never suspect their main objectives as regard the information you share with them about your relationship.

It is nice to keep friends, even when you have that special someone in your life, but cautiousness will call for you to be mindful of the intimate information in your relationship that is shared with a third-party. It is childish and carelessness to discuss the happenings in your relationship with someone else, order than your partner.

Many times, you may get carried away in your conversations with friends that you mindlessly leak all the most intimate parts of your relationship. How does sharing your sexual life details benefit your friends? Many of you will go that far of telling friends your partner's favorite food, color, likes and so on. Some guys will tell friends over beer the size of their girl's pants. Girls will brag about their guys wealth.

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Many of you fail to realize these intimate parts with your partners are not meant for your friends, but for you and your partners only. Sharing these details is like leaving room for your friends to comfortably creep into the hands of your partner.

You should not discuss personal relationship issues with your friends (including relatives) but your partner. Your partner should be your best friend. Many of you make the mistake of believing you can have best friends with whom you discuss anything from A to Z under the sun aside your partner.

You must learn to keep your conversations with friends (and relatives) vague with less details, in other to keep your relationship safely away from the claws of secret enemies that pretends to be best friends. Remember not to rely on anyone but your partner when it comes to your relationship affairs. Beware of fake friends and secret enemies

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