Getting orgasm 101: Ladies 18+

woman having orgasm

It's time for sex education! Title: Getting Orgasm 101. Students: Ladies 18+

Not all women are fortunate to get an orgasm every time they have sex. Some get it once in a year, some have never experienced orgasm during sex, except when they masturbate.

Some women are so lucky because their is closer and highly sensitive therefore they get orgasms easily. Some women have their located farther than normal. The is located 2-5cm from the vagina opening.

Getting orgasm with your sexual partner is a wonderful experience. It makes the bond between you two stronger and keeps your love intact.

The responsibility of orgasm not only lies with the guy but also the lady; that is why you should follow the following steps to get orgasms.

1. Know your body: During ovulation, there is that moment where you naturally feel like having sex. Since the orgasm of the comes by stimulation, you can find your during this period by paying attention to where the pleasure is coming from.

2. Do different sex positions and exercise frequently: Some ladies are naturally good in bed. If you are not, you have to practice more often. It is important to practise because you may get your orgasm in difficult sex positions. Do waist exercises, don't be rigid.

3. Act like you "having sex" during ovulation: When your are ovulating, it gets to a period where your is stimulated. Practise different sex positions and know which one enhances the stimulation better. For example, if ass bounce enhances the stimulation, then you do more of ass bouncing routines like twerking, so when you with your spouse, it will be easy to "ass bounce" on his dingy.

4. Always take charge: If lying on your back is not giving you orgasms, you need to stay on top and take control, that is why you need to exercise. Be as flexible as possible, rest your shoulders on the bed, let your waist and ass do the work.

5. Watch porn: Pornography helps to learn how different sex positions works. Always take note of the ones that you find intriguing and focus on how they work.

6. Pay attention during foreplay: Pay attention when you are being fingered. When his fingers are working, know where it is going and the pattern he is using. You will discover how far or near your is. If he is not getting it right, help him by leading him through, afterall it's your body, not his.

7. Prepare your mind: Don't be rigid about pleasure. Let your mind wander to it every once in a while. If you have tried a position and it did not work, try another. Change your mentality of "what's the fun in sex?" It really helps.

I hope this helps. Have fun and enjoy. Stay healthy, practise safe sex.

You can ask questions in the comment section, remember ladies, its sex education: Getting orgasm 101... *winks*


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