Do you want to be a Good Wife or Girlfriend? Read this!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend having a nice time
Dear ladies, do you want to be a good wife or girlfriend? Then you have to know all that irritates men.

These are some of the things that irritate men which you MUST not do:

1.A Nagging wife/girlfriend is very irritating. Stop complaining over little unnecessary things. You can ignore some things. Do not complain over every wrong thing that your man does.

2. A disrespectful wife/girlfriend is very irritating. Either you like it or not, the man is the head of his wife. you MUST give your husband that respect as your crown. It is the instruction of God.

3. A dirty wife/girlfriend is very disgusting. You should be very neat all the time.

4. A lazy wife/girlfriend is also disgusting. Be hard working and industrious woman; your man will respect you for that.

5. A liability wife/girlfriend can be so annoying. About 90% of men will not like to have a liability woman. Learn how to be independent. DO not request for everything from your man.

6. A wife who gossips too much can be annoying to her husband. Minimize or avoid gossips completely.

7. A quarrelsome woman will never have peace with her husband. Husband and wife should spend 99.5% of their time playing and being at peace. It is only 0.5% of their time that should be spent on quarreling.

8. Men hate women who do not take corrections (or accept constructive criticism) but always claim to be right and know better than their husbands. It is not good. Sometimes, allow your man to win the argument just to allow peace to reign.



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