Health benefits of Fresh Air

Fresh airFresh air free of pollution can help cure and help relieve some clinical symptoms associated with most disease/sickness hence making one feel better. According to research doctors *used to recommend fresh air for patients with tuberculosis with other medications for ease and fast recovery.
In the olden days, before climate change and industrialization/civilization of the world, people get sick less often and are stronger and healthier (as we all know that our ancestors traveled by foot for days and they were still hale and hearty).
But nowadays, with the poisonous gasses that fill the air from industries and other forms of pollution, people fall sick often and recover slowly from their illness. These and many more reasons are why you should consider fresh air as treatment and therapy.

Sickness and new hair can help relieve/ Functions of fresh air.

1. Allergies: No matter the form of allergy you have, the last thing you need is stuffy air. Breathing in fresh air during allergies (especially sneezing) helps clear the pathways and oxidize the blood ensuring the ease of recovery.

2. Skin reaction: When you feel itchy and fresh air blows on you, you can't deny the fact that it brings relief to the spot and helps dry the skin faster as it reduces the itching and cools down the itching spot.

3. Vaginitis: Have you ever wondered why most ladies pull their panties and spread their legs in front of a fan or use a hand fan to blow their private part? It's because they know that fresh air cools the spot where they itch and reduces itching in the place once it is dry.

4. A cough including Whooping a cough and Tuberculosis: Fresh air clears the pathway for breathing and makes it easier for a patient to breathe. Also, the lungs need fresh air not polluted the air with carbon mono oxide and other harmful substances.

5. Stress/Mental stress: Breathing in fresh air brings a greet feeling that helps your muscle relax and clears your brain. Sometimes when you are working on something, and you get stuck or confused, take a break and breathe in fresh air for some minutes. It will clear your head and help your brain boot faster.

6. Sneezing: Whenever you sneeze uncontrollably, go for a walk and try as much as possible to inhale fresh air. (NB Fresh air is not the same as cold).

7. Sinusitis: Fresh air helps reduce the discomfort caused by sinusitis by clearing the breathing pathways.

8. Flu/fever: When you hear people say "Take a stroll, you will feel better." All they want for you is to inhale fresh air so as to feel better. Fresh air gives the blood enough oxygen supply that will help make you feel better in no time.

9. Fresh air makes you look younger: Seriously, you can't compare the look of you when you wake up with heat or in a close environment with the look you have when you wake up on a breezy, rainy day. The difference is clear. The fresh air even makes you make up last longer as the fresh breeze blows to keep it dry.

10. Fresh air makes you more active: When the atmosphere is stuffy, most people tend to wake up weak and less active. Waking up on a good fresh air day makes you look and feel brighter and better.
These are benefits of fresh air, and there is more to it. It is not only when you are sick you need fresh air, but fresh air also helps improve your general health status and may prevent you from coming down with minor illnesses. To enjoy fresh air even in the most stuffy environment, plant one or two trees in your house, if you don't have land space facility, plant in plastics.

I hope this helps, stay healthy.