How Starving and Stress Makes You Fat!

Fat NYSC member
Have you ever wondered why you don't lose weight when you barely eat for the sake of shedding it all? Argh! I know right? It's very frustrating.

The worse part is sometimes you go the extra mile to stress yourself thinking it's a form of weight loss program the kind of -instead of taking a bike, you decide to walk- Trust me, I know how you feel, it's super annoying.

What you don't know is that there is a difference between stress and exercise, the same way there is a difference between dieting and starving. Yeah, that's right. Let me break it down;

You see, when you starve and stress yourself, your body produces a hormone called Cortisol. This annoying cortisol bloats you by providing the body with extra fat that will be converted into energy when you stress yourself.

The worse part is, when you stress yourself, you are losing more of water than fat. So yes, literally its a waste of time. However, some people have a little amount of cortisol, when these people starve, they shed it. The problem is they look "starved" not "toned."

Now sweethearts, in other to lose weight, at least a little bit of it, you should try the following:

1. Blend fruits and drink from time to time instead of starving yourself. A mixture of carrot, watermelon, cucumber and any other fruit will do.

2. Don't eat anything after 5 pm, not even fruits. Keep drinking water until the next day.

3. Eat a little at a time, don't overfeed. If for example, you want to eat 5bags of rice -lol, just kidding.- Eat one bag five different times, make sure you leave space in between the time you eat.

4. Eat food that is easily digestible. Soft swallow like semolina will be better than fufu or eba.

5. Make sure your bowel movement is good. Go to toilet at least once in a day, it helps.

6. Avoid fatty foods, fried food, flour foods and white rice.

7. Take plenty of soft paw-paws. It will help your bowel movement, and you won't gain fat eating it.

8. Stop the habit of drinking acidic fruit juice like lime on an empty stomach.

By following these steps, you will notice within a week that you feel lighter even if it is not glaring that you are shedding weight.

These methods are healthy and will prevent you from adding weight; it will also help keep you toned and fit.

I hope it helps, stay healthy and keep shedding the weight, you are not alone in this.