How to move on after an heart break

Hurt after a break up
Sweetheart, it's ok, I know it's really sad to experience heart breaks from your partner but believe me, everything will be just fine. It's not the end of the world, it's the world giving you another chance to explore a better option.

I know it's painful, and you are trying to be strong... keep trying, you are almost there.
You are not alone in this, people have there heart broken everyday, some may try to hide it but it's going to make them hateful because the right thing to do is to accept what happened and try to get over it not bury it.

Different people have different levels of sensitivity, you are allowed to be sensitive, just don't try something stupid, there are millions of people out there, you will meet a better person, I know you will.

1. Let it all out, cry as much as you can; it's allowed sweetheart, let it all out till you are exhausted, till the tears are all dried out, till you feel refreshed.

2. You can live without him/her; the person who broke your heart is not oxygen, he/she is not food and water, neither is he electricity this is why you should breath, eat, drink and live. Enjoy quality time with your friends, phone, television, sports and other things you love. Explore the internet, where you will learn more and probably meet others like you. You will be fine hun!

3. Go out more, go to fun places; if you cant afford that take a stroll, maybe it's time for you to know the names of your neighbouring street.

4. Never depend on alcohol; it's not your therapist, it will only compound to your problem.

5. Talk to sensible people about it; the more you talk about it the more you get over it, before you know it, you will be fine.

6. Live your life, be free, meet people; don't be isolated it won't help matters.

7. Let the person who broke your heart know that you can be fine without him. Don't make the mistake of going back to him except you are sure he/she wants you back. You are not even supposed to go back to him in the first place, but the heart can be tricky and I know sometimes, you want to go back. Please don't let he/she break your heart again, be in control of your emotions, always have it at the back of your mind that he can leave you anytime soon so be prepared.

8. Don't take advise from people without asking those that can really help; Don't try to get back someone who was capable of breaking your heart without considering your feelings in the first place.
9. Talk to him/her if you want to; it will make it easy to forgive. If the person doesn't want to talk to you, fine, just let it go. It means the person is so heartless that he/she can't even help you pass through the phase. Do you deserve that kind of person? NO! You don't.

10. Don't let the right one pass you by; Forgive and forget the past, move on with you life. Don't ignore anyone because someone broke your heart. You never can tell, it may be because you are meant to meet this person that the previous one broke up with you. However, don't fall in love immediately, take your time and shield your heart take control. Don't let your heart decide what to do for you, decide what your heart wants to do especially since you have been heartbroken and you don't want to experience it again.

I know it may be difficult, all you need to do is try..... be strong, be hopeful and be happy.

I hope this helps! Stay strong.


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