Love Relationship: If Your Man Go After Other Women, Read This!

Husband and Wife having fun cooking, Love Relationship: If Your Man Go After Other Women, Read This!
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Ever have your men go after other ladies?

Ladies, most times it is your fault that MEN go after other Girls including your House-Helps. Oh really? (you may want to ask) and am sure you can guess my answer…"Oh yes".

Education and being Learned is so good: all of us have chosen to pursue that nowadays and it is beautiful. Those Degrees, Masters, PhDs are excellent. Being a Manager, CEO, and all those big career jobs are all amazing, but please at home, you have a Husband and Children, so be a Mother and a Wife.

Do not take your work home. Stop letting your children sleep without seeing their Mom and you should not be comfortable with it. Cook for your Man and take care of him.

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I don't care if you are the CEO or a Manager or whatever it could be at the Office. At home, your Husband is the CEO or the Manager in this case. Respect him, love him and be submissive! And oh please, do not treat your husband the way your friend(s) treat theirs. Your husband is your husband not your friend(s) husband. Don't take your work stress home. Learn to balance off and manage your work/job without affecting the relationship with your husband and children.

What happened to the virtuous woman of the Bible? The God fearing submissive ladies? Treat your Man well so you don't end up regretting Sweetheart. Good men are hard to find, and they are also hard to keep. When you find one that loves you, please learn to appreciate him.

Take care of yourself. Keep yourself neat and attractive. Avoid coming back at 12 mid-night then sleeping with a stocking on your head. Seriously! Come on gal, you can do better than that.

A man is not a Dettol Advert, if you don't take care of your man, someone else will.
The common truth is: remember if you die today, your boss will replace you immediately but your Family and your love ones will always be there for you, so invest in them now. Nothing can replace you in the lives of those who love you, no matter how crumpled and broken you are, you remain of value to them!

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