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NYSC funny analysis
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Let me expressly espouse you in the opinion that "there is nothing wrong in request for money/gift from your relative or friend that just concluded his/her national youth service (NYSC)"
I will need to remind you of his/her income and expenditure in that 1-year program before you request for a car or a mansion. Take a look at this NYSC corp member funny analysis below:


19,800 x 11months = N217,800

Note: that first allawee was paid in the orientation camp.


Tithes: 1,980 × 11= N21,780 (for those who pay)

Bank charges: 105 x 11 = N1,155

Food: 10,000 (at least) x 11= N110,000

Call card: 1,000 (monthly) x 11= N11,000

Phone subscription: 1,200 (at least in a month) x 11 = N13,200

Transport fare to CDS/Clearance: 500 (at least in a month) x 11 = N5,500

Cream, tooth paste, bathing and washing soaps: N5,000 (for 11months)

Cloths and shoe: N22,000 (for 11months)

Transport fare back home: N6,000 e.g. (those who served in the north, and lives in the south)
Other contingencies: N20,000 (CDS dues, religious dues, sent-forth dues, transport fare to church/mosque e.t.c.)


BALANCE:- 217,800- 215,635 = N2,165.

Note these calculations doesn't apply to guys like me who turn up at the club every Friday. My bank account has been flagged red!

Please, do thank him/her if you receive kulikuli (groundnut cake) and kilishi as a gift. Stop dreaming of him/her giving u Guinea Brocade or any other expensive materials. Lol.

Thanks for understanding... #NYSC #POP #LOADING. Congrats to the outgoing corp members. May God transform your jungle boots into office shoes, your Khaki into office suits, your allowance into a bogus salary. Remember do not over 'shaiye and shayo' during the POP celebrations. Stay safe!!


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