OPINION: Why Do Guys Think Girls Are Whores?

Girls are not whores

Why Do Guys Think Girls Are Whores?

Why the double standards? What is good for the goose, should also be good for the gander. Why do we think girls are whores when they do some things, whereas we look away when boys do same? Study this mentality below;

Girl Had Sex...
-She's a bitch.
Boy Had Sex...
-He's a man.

Girl Gets Pregnant...
-It's a shame.
Boy Impregnates A Girl...
-He's a hero

Girl Cheats...
-She's a hoe.
Boy Cheats...
-He's a player.

Girls Are Criticized With Everything They Do, Why?

Nothing They Do Is Ever Right, Why? 

This Ain't Fair!!!

Stop The Whorish Objectification of Girls!

This Mentality Really Has To Stop. Girls Are Also Human, We Should Let Them Live Their Life The Way They Want To.


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