Secret Enemies? Signs to look out for!

Secret enemy
A Revealed Enemy & a Secret Enemy, the most dangerous kinds of enemies are those who you love & think are your friend, but behind you, they envy, hate and plot against you!
Here are SIGNS to look out for in knowing who your Secret Enemy is:

1. Anyone who gets angry when good things happen to you is a Secret Enemy!

2. Anyone who tries to reduce the value of your Achievements & Success is an Envious Enemy in disguise!

3. Anyone who is intimidated by your Talent, Success, Anointing & Grace, yet holds a Special place in your heart, is a SUSPECT!

4. Anyone who speak well of you in your presence but runs you down behind, or speaks evil of you to others is a Secret Enemy consumed with Envy!

5. Anyone who belittle your potentials and personality is a Suspect!

6. Anyone who becomes Sad when people Celebrates you, yet claims to be your friend! That's an Enemy in disguise.

7. Any friend who plots secretly against you & betrays you, exposes your Secrets & Weaknesses is another Judas Iscariot!

Secret enemies try to be good friends and make you believe that you can always lean on their shoulders, but you may never suspect their true intentions as regards the information you share with them. Be careful!

Credits: Strong African Woman 


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