Stop Giving Up The Honey For Free Ladies

Man hugging woman
Dear My Ladies, Stop Giving The Honey Up for Free!

Even though the media teaches women that they need to be skinny, desperate and aggressive to get a guy- but as mature women of God, we have to work hard to reject those views and remember who we are. Our body is the temple of the Lord. Our “honey” stands for our bodies but it can also stand for our time, money, heart, affection, hopes/dreams etc.
When we give our honey up too fast (before marriage), we are no longer pleasing God and the men no longer get the thrill of the chase.

If a man wants something bad enough, he will work hard to obtain it, no matter how long he has to wait. You don’t have to worry about needing to give him your all in the beginning to keep him. I believe the opposite is true. Most times when we as women give in and open our legs, hearts and dreams to men too fast, they quickly leave as fast as they came. The thrill of the chase is over, we’ve made it to easy and their excitement or respect for us has diminished.

If you’re not married, PLEASE don’t give your man money! Your boyfriend could be your potential husband, provider and leader of your home. How can he prepare to be those things for you if your always giving him money and supporting him? Let the man be the man. You all can help each other out but don’t carry him, be wise enough to recognise a gold digger!

If your man isn’t your husband, then: sex, being available to him 24/7, cooking and doing laundry on a daily basis and sharing bills or bank accounts is OFF LIMITS!! Stop giving the honey up for free!! If you don’t have a wedding ring and official marriage papers, stop playing a housewife and get your life back.

These things should be reserved for married folks only. Marriage is forever, it is a life long commitment. Marriage is about serving, giving, loving and so much more. If we aren’t married yet and I’m giving you everything I have, what is your motivation to marry me? What do we have to look forward to?

Single ladies giving up their “honey” is by wearing really tight, short and low cut clothes. It’s a blessing to have a good body and we all know what assets we have that we are really proud of BUT please be classy and leave room for the imagination! 

If he gets to see EVERYTHING your working with before the relationship is even established, let alone before you get married, he may not want to purchase your honey because he’s seen and have it all and ready to move on to the next sexy bee. I know in the summer, ladies like to wear cute outfits but try not to wear a free honey sign on your back.

Let them wonder, let them work for it, if they want it, let them put a ring on it! Do not give up your honey for free!


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