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The Three Silent Killers, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes

The Three Silent Killers (Poem) by Adesina Oyindamola.

I am cholesterol, the fat you store
The one that blocks your heart; it stops.
Big or small, old or young
You consume me all day long Because I exist in several forms.

I am blood pressure, high or low
I act on the blood stream while it flows
With full force, I destroy the holes
With low force, I seize the flow
Joke with me and I strike thee with a severe blow.

I am diabetes; I come with sweet
And without sweet, I still can kill
By inheritance or as I, please
Don't dare me I can be swift
Like a night crawler, I hide within.

The three of us can stop your pulse
Simply because we work with force
Like assassin, we are fast and swift
We lay within and smile with deceit
We just take charge without warning thee.

All You Need To Know About Piles Or Hemorrhoids?

Do you feel enormous pain when passing stool? Do you bleed when passing stool and then itching follows? Piles occur when rectal and anal blood vessels mostly veins are dilated and swollen because of prolonged straining while passing stool and bowel movement.  Swollen painful vein of rectum and anus is known as hemorrhoids or piles. Swollen veins may form internal or external hemorrhoid.
Piles can be inside the anal canal or just outside it, but the former kind is more common. It is more common in those suffering from chronic constipation, obesity, or diarrhea, those who lift heavy weights regularly and those who strain during the bowel movement. Increased pressure within the vein is also observed during pregnancy so pregnant women can also develop piles.
The symptoms include:

*Itching in the anal region

*Blood after passing stool

*Pain while passing stool

*Hard lump outside/ around the anal

*Feeling full even after emptying the bowel

*Mucus discharge along with stool


When you observe …

High Blood Pressure Prevention Awareness

Many people take health issues lightly. They feel there is nothing to attend to because they don't fall sick. They feel going for medical tests and check-up is a waste of time and money, most believe that by going for check ups diseases that were not in the body begins to surface.

Surprising Ways People Commit Suicide Without Them Knowing

People commit suicide without knowing by not reaching out to others; by hiding their pains; by not reporting the side effect of drugs to doctors; by not listening to the signs (light or heavy) that their body gives; by not taking proper care of themselves; by thinking all is well when it's actually the opposite. All these aforementioned instances could lead to your self-inflicted death while you're unaware.

Ignoring side effect of drugs
There are several cases where people who react to some certain drugs prescribed by doctors. Many people fail to report the side effects of medications to doctors even when they are in serious pains probably due to negligence or ignorance.

This your beautiful writer has also been a victim of negative side effect of a particular drug. The crisis that that should end in a month took almost two months because I was sensitive to iron. The doctor prescribed a blood tonic that contained iron and my parents still bought it out of ignorance. There was no…

Is Masturbation good for you? Do you know it has Health Benefits and Side effects?

What is masturbation? Do you masturbate? How does it feel like when you masturbate? Do you know there are side effects? If you conduct an Internet search for “masturbation,” you will find a lot of slang phrases (e.g., hand-shake, hand-job, jacking e.t.c) for the act. This phenomenon of using slang phrases suggests people want to talk about masturbation, but are uncomfortable about doing so openly. Using slangs provides a more socially acceptable way to express themselves.

Masturbation, or touching one’s own genitals for pleasure, is something that babies do from the time they are in the womb. It’s a natural and normal part of healthy sexual development. According to a survey in the US, 94% of men admit to masturbating, as do 85% of women. But societal perspectives of masturbation still vary greatly, and there’s even some stigma around engaging in the act. Related to this stigma are the many myths about masturbation, myths so ridiculous it’s a wonder anyone believes them.
They include: m…

Understanding Bad Body Odours (Part 2)

Understanding Bad Body Odors This is a continuation from the previous post on body odour. Like we all know, bad body odour leaves us embarrassed. Many of us sometimes fall victim to bad body odour and we just can't help it, and it is not even our fault or a reflection of our personal hygiene- it is our health. If you can't quite discover the cause, read on to see if medical intervention might provide a cure.

How to effectively curb Bad Body Odor with Natural Remedies! (Part 1)

How to effectively curb Bad Body Odor with Natural Remedies! Do you not feel embarrassed when your body has a strong or offensive odor? Body odor affects many, and being a common sensitive topic, it is rarely openly discussed. Although perfumes and artificial scent sprays made from chemicals may help to control body odor for about 12-24 hours, they often do not take care of the underlying cause. There are several natural remedies that can help curb undesirable body odor and provide a cleaner and fresher scent. Now, let's look at some of the causes of body odor and learn highly effective natural ways to treat this problem.

Cutaneous Filariasis: How To Prevent This Skin Worm Infection

Do you know that every 1 in 10 persons suffers from skin worm (cutaneous filariasis)?
What is Filariasis? According to Wikipedia, Filariasis is a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms of the Filarioidea type. These roundworms are spread by blood-feeding black flies and mosquitoes. This disease belongs to the group of diseases called helminthiases.
Let me share this personal experience with you below:

The boil kept growing bigger and nothing seems to be working for it. Agnes had applied penicillin, Shea butter, palm oil and every other thing she was told to use. Painkillers won't last for more than 30 minutes before the boil starts throbbing again, she was fed up.

When Agnes showed it to me, I wondered the type of boil that would last for a week without getting soft and growing bigger, the boil had two deep holes on it instead of one. I became scared for her.

I applied palm oil on the boil and I noticed how it quickly disappeared into the hole, I looked closer to be s…

Sickle Cell Disease: I Was 4 Years Old When I Had My First Crisis (Short Story)

My Firsthand Experience With Sickle Cell Disease
It started three days before the main day. I would dream I was in the toilet and poo on the bed. Whenever I tried to stand up so as to quickly cover up, I felt weak and heavy and I sleep off immediately till I finally woke up in the morning.

Senior Tola hit me on my head (I was awake but kept quiet because I knew what I had done and was scared she would hurt me again.)

"Stand up! You have pooped on the bed again!" She shouted.

I stood up and fell on the floor immediately. I felt a kind of pain, one I have never felt before.
It was like someone was hitting a hammer on my bones; my hands, legs, and back felt so. I started crying, unable to contain the pain. Senior Tola slapped me again and dragged me to the bathroom. I tried to tell her I was in pains but I could not, she won't even give me attention so I could tell her. I continued crying.

Another senior came, and shouted at senior Tola for being mean, "Have you not pooped …

Creamy Or Watery Types Of Vaginal Discharge, Which Is More Dangerous?

Creamy or watery types of vaginal discharge, do you know which is more dangerous? Can you recognise infections by observing the colour of your vaginal discharge? Read on.

The most important part of the woman's body isthe vagina

The most important organ in the woman's body is the vagina. It is the passageway between the inner reproductive organ and the outside of the body. The vagina has a chemical makeup with an acidic pH balance, which helps it fight infections. Like the process in which Saliva helps keep the mouth clean, the vagina has a similar process which helps clean itself through secretions. Any conflict between the vagina and its normal secretion can cause infections.
Normal vaginal discharge

A vaginal discharge can occur through vaginal secretions. Though this is a normal thing, do pay attention to what the discharge looks like, because not all discharge is perfectly okay. A normal discharge should be clear, cloudy whitish/yellowish against clothing. It can contain whiti…

Do You Know That Watching TV Reduces Your Life By 22 Minutes?

Are you aware that watching too much of Television reduces your life by 22 minutes? Do you know that you born more calories when you sleep than you do watching TV? 

Haha! I know you like to see the best movie series like Game of Thrones, Empire, and Power, but the truth is sleeping is far more beneficial than watching TV.
Watching TV burns around 85 calories per hour while sleeping burns around 95 calories per hour. Calculate how many calories you can burn by sleeping for at least 6-8 hours, that would be more than 570 calories. 
When you watch TV, the function of your brain slows down- this can lead to health risks such as obesity. Whereas, when you sleep, your brain functions in a manner which is beneficial for your body and metabolism. So why not ditch the TV and hit your bed instead?  
Facts About Watching Too Much Of Television (TV)

- Every hour you spend in front of the TV takes away 22 minutes of your life if you are older than 25 years. If you consider spending 6 hours a day watchi…

Do You Know That Cooking Moi Moi With Nylon Is Bad For Your Health? See The Best Thing To Use

Using Nylon To Cook Moi Moi Can Cause Cancer To The Human Body
Most of us must have heard that microwaving food in plastics increases the risk of cancer. The same thing applies to drinking and eating hot substances with plastic cups and plates. It is worse when you COOK food with plastics because heat makes plastic unstable and causes chemical reactions to take place.
Nylon is a family of synthetic polymers which is same as plastics. When in contact with heat, these polymers release substances (aliphatic/semi-aromatic polyamides) which they are made up of. These substances gradually increases the risk of cancer and problems associated with the organs.
Using Tin (liquid milk tins)  for the preparation of moin moin is also another dangerous option because when the tin heats up, the material used to plate the tin first melts into the food, then the tin itself releases metals that have almost the same properties as lead which is toxic.
This is why it is better and advisable to cook and eat Mo…

What do you know about Schizophrenia?

Have you ever heard about the mental disorder illness called Schizophrenia? What do you know about it? Schizophrenia is a disorder of the brain that alters a person’s perception of reality. It makes it hard for the person to differentiate between real and imagination. It is currently in the top ten disabling conditions globally for young adults.

5 Natural Remedies for Purging to Avoid Antibiotics Abuse

1st person: My Stomach hurts and I am purging.

2nd person: Ehn, go and take Flagyl, you can combine it with tetracycline.

1st person: Please buy me Flagyl and tetracycline, I will be travelling tomorrow and I need to take it before I board the bus.

2nd person: Are you purging?

1st person: I'm perfectly ok, I just want to take it in case...

NOTE: Flagyl and Tetracycline are antibiotics used to treat patients with ailments. They are often abused and used to treat even the mildest of stomach ache without prescription. This is totally WRONG! It is called DRUG ABUSE.

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Common causes of Purging and stomach disorders;

· Food poisoning: The intake of contaminated food and drinks can cause purging. Eating spoilt food can also cause purging and stomach ache.

· Eating and Drinking kinds of stuff that make you purge: Don't take fruits, foods and drinks that your stomach is sensitive to. Some people's digestive tract can't handle too mu…