FLASH FICTION: Fever is an Evil Spirit!

Evil spirits
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One faithful day when I was 6 years old, I was walking down an empty street alone, scared and shivering- all I wanted was to get home safely.

Suddenly, I saw a short greenish evil-looking man appear from nowhere. I had my eyes focused on the road so I could swear there was not a single soul out there until this man showed up.
When I looked into his face, he laughed hysterically and I almost froze. I didn't know if I should run or act like all is well. Something occurred to me and I remembered the nicest thing I could do was greet him.

"Good evening sir." I knelt down and greeted. He looked straight into my eyes and fear gripped me so much I thought I peed on my body. Immediately, I turned and ran as fast I could, but heard several footsteps coming behind me and when I managed to look behind- I saw only the evil man.
When I looked again, I saw a many evil men on my heels. I was so afraid I chanted Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus! This I learnt to do from my school teachers on the assembly ground whenever I was in trouble and believed it protects me so I kept chanting.

The men chasing me still didn't stop even though I was shouting with all my power. I became weak and felt dizzy, fell hard to the ground in a second. Before the evil men could pounce on me, I woke up. I sat up to recollect my surrounding only to see that I was on my bed and in my room. I had been dreaming.
It was as if I was possessed, sweat was all over my body and I was still shivering. My body ached like I'd truly been chased by an evil spirit. My temperature also rose.

Then I saw that my matron was sitting beside me with a wet towel. She squeezed the towel after dipping it into a bowl of water and placed it on my head. I shifted on my bed to be sure I was really awake.

"You have high fever." She said. She handed me a cup of tea and told me to swallow two tablets of paracetamol. "O tin la ala iba" meaning 'you have been having fever dreams.'


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