High Blood Pressure Prevention Awareness

high blood pressure check
Many people take health issues lightly. They feel there is nothing to attend to because they don't fall sick. They feel going for medical tests and check-up is a waste of time and money, most believe that by going for check ups diseases that were not in the body begins to surface.

It is important to check our blood pressure frequently even if you don't have medical conditions associated with blood pressure; this is because even -if you feel you are not "thinking" and you can't have high blood pressure,- there are other factors that trigger high blood pressure apart from thinking.
The most important factor which is inheritance is deadly because if one is not careful with their lifestyle they complicate issues for themselves.

How to prevent high blood pressure
If after check up your blood pressure is high or you have family history of high blood pressure, you should start preventing by doing the following;

1. The best way to prevent high blood pressure is to take hibiscus tea frequently.

2. Reduce salt intake and other foods high in Sodium e.g Smoked, cured, salted or canned meat, fish, poultry, sausage, sardines etc.

3. Warm up before you start your daily activities; warming up is different from the regular exercises, for example if you want to play any sport, you have to warm up with simple exercises before you start. Most people that die while doing one sport or the other probably did not warm up before starting.

4. Prevent weight increase and obesity.

5. Reduce alcohol intake.
Remember, prevent high blood pressure now so that you can enjoy your life. Once you have it, you have to abide by unpleasant rules and regulations and regular pill intake.

I hope this help, stay healthy.