Surprising Ways People Commit Suicide Without Them Knowing

not reporting side effects of medication to doctorsPeople commit suicide without knowing by not reaching out to others; by hiding their pains; by not reporting the side effect of drugs to doctors; by not listening to the signs (light or heavy) that their body gives; by not taking proper care of themselves; by thinking all is well when it's actually the opposite. All these aforementioned instances could lead to your self-inflicted death while you're unaware.

Ignoring side effect of drugs
There are several cases where people who react to some certain drugs prescribed by doctors. Many people fail to report the side effects of medications to doctors even when they are in serious pains probably due to negligence or ignorance.

This your beautiful writer has also been a victim of negative side effect of a particular drug. The crisis that that should end in a month took almost two months because I was sensitive to iron. The doctor prescribed a blood tonic that contained iron and my parents still bought it out of ignorance. There was no visible improvement and the situation even got worse. It was when the medication was stopped that I felt normal again.

When we take some drugs, they work for the ailment we take them for, in the process they trigger other health risks (high/low blood pressure, high/low blood sugar, blood clotting etc.) which should be reported to doctors immediately. This is why hypersensitivity of drugs is always printed on the leaflets, if only we read diligently.

Drug sensitivity comes in disguise. You may be experiencing body weakness without knowing that it is caused by abnormal fluctuations of sugar level -which of course is triggered by the drug taken-. This has lead to the death of many people.

Please always visit your doctor and report any side effect you experience before it gets too late. Take note of the signs your body gives you so it won't just shut down one day, save your own life. DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE!

I hope this helps,  stay healthy.