How to effectively curb Bad Body Odor with Natural Remedies! (Part 1)

Bad body odor, How to effectively curb Bad Body Odor with Natural Remedies!

How to effectively curb Bad Body Odor with Natural Remedies!

Do you not feel embarrassed when your body has a strong or offensive odor? Body odor affects many, and being a common sensitive topic, it is rarely openly discussed. Although perfumes and artificial scent sprays made from chemicals may help to control body odor for about 12-24 hours, they often do not take care of the underlying cause. There are several natural remedies that can help curb undesirable body odor and provide a cleaner and fresher scent. Now, let's look at some of the causes of body odor and learn highly effective natural ways to treat this problem.

What Are the Causes of Bad Body Odor?

The human body consist of many systems working constantly, and production of waste byproducts occur from this process. From our body sweat to digestive process and the replacements of cells, waste is been produced. Body odor occurs when a certain bacteria in our sweat produces a stinking chemical. This can result from inadequate bathing or improper personal hygiene. When we fail to clean our body and allow sweat to dry on the skin, body odor can surely erupt. It can also result from a systematic deficiency in the body. Menstruation and stress often dramatically increases the possibility of body odor in women.

Amino acids found in foods like beef and pork are known to leave residues in the intestine during digestion which are managed by the natural digestive flora. Specific enzymes called flavin monooxygenases break the residues down into an odorless state for excretion. If these enzymes are insufficient or missing, a “fishy” foul smell can result. The sweat glands in our armpits excrete toxins from the body, so sweating is a very important process in maintaining optimum physical health. We have to allow the body get rid of various toxins via numerous metabolic processes. These processes include urination, passing fecal matter, exhaling carbon dioxide and other toxins through the lungs, and removing toxins from the skin. The skin is our body's largest organ, so danger can occur when
we use 'antiperspirant' deodorants which block the pores and never allow the toxins free exit.

How to fight Bad Body Odor

- Apply Natural, Aluminium Free Deodorants

Most perfumes and deodorants are all marketed as purely natural, but the truth is that many of these popular deodorants are made from ammonium alum. All products can be labeled as natural as there are no existing government rules regarding the use of "natural," so you should check the ingredients list of the so-called "natural" deodorant if you wish to avoid a certain chemical.

Many deodorants and antiperspirants are made with aluminum. Remember that aluminum halts the perspiration of your sweat glands, and it is suspected of also accumulating in the nervous system and can lead to nervous system disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. Your armpits have an important health role in getting rid of toxins so it is important to keep them open and unclogged.

- Bath Regularly

Bathing at least once a day can help reduce the bacteria population on your skin, which is the source of most body odors. When bathing, focus on core areas like your feet and armpits. Dry your body well after bathing because bacteria grow best on damp skin.

- Apply Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural antiseptic that helps kill bacteria and fungi on the skin's surface. Applying white or apple cider vinegar on odorous areas, then wiping the area clean and dry can help to remove offensive smells.

- Take Green Supplements

Supplements such as wheat grass and chlorophyll act as natural deodorizers and will leave you smelling nice. So make sure to add these supplements to your daily vitamin routine.

- Wear Clothing Made From Natural Fibres

It is highly recommended that you wear natural-fiber clothing like cotton or silk. Cotton allows free and easy air flow on the skin surface to keep your skin dry, thereby not allowing humidity and moisture in which odor-causing bacteria grows.

- Wipe With A Natural Sterilizer

Wipe your underarms and other smelly areas with tea tree oil or witch hazel. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, and witch hazel modifies your skin's pH to make it undesirable for bacteria.

- Change Your Diet

Some foods and spices are odor-causing agents. Such foods are onions and garlic and caffeinated drinks. Change your diets to exclude these foods and your body odor may improve.

- Consider A Detox

By detoxifying the body, body odor resulting from a problem in the body can be eradicated. There are various appropriate cleansing routines and the regular incorporation of detox foods can also help. Regular sessions in an infrared sauna are known to also aid the removal of toxic impurities from the skin.

- Check Your Digestion and Gut Health

According to researchers, about 7% of people who suffer from bad body odor have the inability to completely digest some particular foods because of deficiency in the required enzymes or digestion problems. It is advisable that people with body odor should use pro-biotic supplement regularly as this will enable a boost in intestinal flora quality. Taking digestive enzymes like natural fruits before and after meals has a lot of benefits and drinking apple cider vinegar can also be effective in aiding digestion.

All these are natural remedies that will effectively curb bad body odors. Do try all these methods and stop yourself from unnecessary embarrassments in smelling bad. -Winks-

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