WARNING: Stop engaging with multiple Sex Partners!

Man engaging with multiple sex partners
Guys, a woman, is not created (and designed mentally/emotionally) to engage with multiple sex partners. Like we noted previously that when a woman and a man have sex, they become bonded. The man's life's force and energy are transferred into the woman's emotional and mental character (and vice versa).

The more a woman takes in the life's force and energy of a man, the more of that man she becomes. She then starts to reflect the man's ideological outlook on life. That is why we can easily discern if a woman has been with a low caliber man. She automatically portrays the persona and low-level energy of that man. A woman by design becomes a reflection of her man. She aligns with the mindset and ideology of the man that sex her regularly.

So when she engage with multiple sex partners, she begins to have multiple conflicting spiritual forces struggling inside her soul for dominant positions in her life. This conflict within her will certainly lead to confusion. Many women believe they can handle multiple sex partners just like men, but that is not right. Even men are affected when they exhibit loose sexual behavior.

The holy books (Bible & Quran) made it clear that a woman and a man become one flesh when they mate. Have you asked yourself how many men/women you have become one with in your lifetime? Isn't that a  scary thought? Especially when you consider all the spiritual fall-out that can arise from allowing the energy of different women/men to add up to yours.

Many of us right now can't seem to figure out how to get our life right on track. There is that strange feeling of stagnation. Sleepless nights, poor finances on the rise. Do you know this could be as a result of the unbroken ties with sex partners from the past? Remember the sexual demons we discussed; all these could torment a man's life.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is high time we stopped thinking of being players. The one who ends up been played is you. Treat sex more seriously and precious than life itself.

Many a man is suffering the torments of hell at the moment because refusal to gain control over his penis when he had the chance to. Now his lust has transformed into an eternal torment. If you don't learn to control that dongle in your pant, some woman (and the demons working through her) could destroy you through your penis.

We should try a strong healthy regimen of disciplining one's life by the teachings of the Holy Books and God's prophets. That thing we need most to get our lives back on track is what we tend to run away from. Let's stop running away and give God a chance. Let's watch our lives transform in ways we never thought possible. Let's stop engaging with multiple sex partners.


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