The Chronicles of Nigerian Civil Defence Ondo State Command, Akure: The 14 years old lesbian.

A mother in agony
I have been pondering on sharing this real life story, and I was not sure about it, but then I realized that you, our esteemed readers may gain something from it, some will be entertained, and others informed.

The Yoruba's will say "Agba ti o ke ohun soro, a ketan sare, meaning an elder which neglects a niggling issue will suffer when the issue manifests into a problem." This is the case of Suzy the 14 years old lesbian who was caught in a secondary school in Ondo state.

Suzy is not a student of any school in particular, but she attends any school of her choice (provided she was able to steal the school's  uniform). She forces girls especially JSS1 students to suck her breast, touch her private part and threaten to kill them if they tell anyone about it.

When the mother of an eight years old girl (Mrs. Alade- not real name) came to report a girl named Suzy, who made her daughter suck her breast and privates. I was utterly shocked. Mrs. Alade is the kind of mother who asks her children about their day and makes sure she gets every detail of what happened in school everyday.

When the girl- Suzy was arrested and brought into custody and was told to write a statement. She wrote "I am 18 years old, my name is Suzy. My mother is dead, and I have never seen my father. I sleep anywhere I see especially churches, and they feed me there most times."

When she was further pressed to confirm if her statement was true, she wept profusely and said yes. Everyone (including this writer) pitied her, but a creative officer sensed it was not true, she looked too good to be a scavenger. She was released (a ploy to study her movements).

After tailing her movements, the officers finally re-arrested her in a one room apartment together with three guys who were her roommate. They later confessed that she regularly have sex with them, and they provide food and shelter in return.

After further serious torture, one of the guys mentioned that she talks about her mother who stays on a prayer mountain along Oda road. The woman was invited to the command. On seeing her daughter, she wept uncontrollably and claimed she has been looking for her daughter since last year.

The mother told us her real name is Deborah, she is 14 years old and fled home after she was released from police custody for smoking Indian helm and stealing from an officer.

From the information the mother gave, she showed Deborah was a spoilt child. She gave Deborah a free hand to choose whatever she wanted to do with her life since the age of 9. She claimed a Pastor saw a vision that she must allow Deborah do whatever she wants. Deborah told her mother she didn't want to attend secondary school, and her mother agreed.

Deborah's mother has four children from 4 different fathers. Her first child who was 18 years old lives with her 20 years old boyfriend in an uncompleted building. Mummy Deborah's third child who is almost 13 years old was taken to her hometown because she had an affair with a man Deborah's mother was dating.

The man who deflowered Deborah at the age of 12 and the lady who taught her to be a lesbian were both arrested because they defiled a minor. Deborah took some officers to her workplace (a garage in Akure where men sleep with her for money), and all the men were also arrested. They said they did not know she was a minor- and truly, Deborah has a significant stature.

Although bail is free in NSCDC, these men were told to pay a sum of 10, 000 naira each because the money was needed to take Deborah to a child care center. They willingly agreed. Luckily Deborah had no STD or UTI and is now safe in the child care center.

Mother's should never allow their children dictate for them. Trust me, Deborah's mom suffered. She came to the command every day for one month till the case was settled. She claimed she sometimes trekked because she had no transport fare. Each time she hears of Deborah's sexual partners, she wept bitterly. Above all, she was disgraced and insulted for destroying the life of her daughter.

Thank God for someone like Mrs. Alade, a good mother who has a good mother-daughter relationship with her daughter.

This story is true, and some parts have been removed to cut the long story short.


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