The Three Silent Killers, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes

The three silent killers, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure
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The Three Silent Killers (Poem) by Adesina Oyindamola.

I am cholesterol, the fat you store
The one that blocks your heart; it stops.
Big or small, old or young
You consume me all day long Because I exist in several forms.

I am blood pressure, high or low
I act on the blood stream while it flows
With full force, I destroy the holes
With low force, I seize the flow
Joke with me and I strike thee with a severe blow.

I am diabetes; I come with sweet
And without sweet, I still can kill
By inheritance or as I, please
Don't dare me I can be swift
Like a night crawler, I hide within.

The three of us can stop your pulse
Simply because we work with force
Like assassin, we are fast and swift
We lay within and smile with deceit
We just take charge without warning thee.