Do You Know That Cooking Moi Moi With Nylon Is Bad For Your Health? See The Best Thing To Use

Eating moi-moi in plastic, nylon, and tin causes cancer

Using Nylon To Cook Moi Moi Can Cause Cancer To The Human Body

Most of us must have heard that microwaving food in plastics increases the risk of cancer. The same thing applies to drinking and eating hot substances with plastic cups and plates. It is worse when you COOK food with plastics because heat makes plastic unstable and causes chemical reactions to take place.

Nylon is a family of synthetic polymers which is same as plastics. When in contact with heat, these polymers release substances (aliphatic/semi-aromatic polyamides) which they are made up of. These substances gradually increases the risk of cancer and problems associated with the organs.

Using Tin (liquid milk tins)  for the preparation of moin moin is also another dangerous option because when the tin heats up, the material used to plate the tin first melts into the food, then the tin itself releases metals that have almost the same properties as lead which is toxic.

This is why it is better and advisable to cook and eat Moin-Moin with leaves. The leaves used for moin-moin adds flavor and antioxidants to the food making it an healthy option. It also makes it look more attractive and releases a wonderful aroma.

Always cook Moin-Moin in leaves, and try as much as possible to learn how to pack the grinded beans in leaves. The most important thing to consider when packing Moin-Moin leaves is that the bottom is tightly sealed to prevent it from leaking into the pot. 

Practice healthy living and stay healthy.