Do You Know That Watching TV Reduces Your Life By 22 Minutes?

watching TV versus sleeping

Are you aware that watching too much of Television reduces your life by 22 minutes? 

Do you know that you born more calories when you sleep than you do watching TV? 

Haha! I know you like to see the best movie series like Game of Thrones, Empire, and Power, but the truth is sleeping is far more beneficial than watching TV.

Watching TV burns around 85 calories per hour while sleeping burns around 95 calories per hour. Calculate how many calories you can burn by sleeping for at least 6-8 hours, that would be more than 570 calories. 

When you watch TV, the function of your brain slows down- this can lead to health risks such as obesity. Whereas, when you sleep, your brain functions in a manner which is beneficial for your body and metabolism. So why not ditch the TV and hit your bed instead?  

Facts About Watching Too Much Of Television (TV)

- Every hour you spend in front of the TV takes away 22 minutes of your life if you are older than 25 years. If you consider spending 6 hours a day watching TV, then your life could be reduced by 5 years. *scary huh? 

- According to scientists, watching TV on a daily basis produces the same effects on the body as inactivity, over eating and smoking (considering the fact that we often do these things when we watch TV).

- Watching TV into late night affects sleep and reduces productivity the next day. 

- Couples who have TV in their bedroom have half less sex than couples who do not have TV in their bedroom. Quality time that should be used in bonding is used to watch TV. 

However, this does not mean that we should refuse to watch TV. What it simply mean is that we should sleep more than we watch TV, and for couples with TV in their bedroom- endeavor to set time to switch-off TV and keep to it. Avoid watching TV into late night. So watch less of Africa Magic Yoruba, Mexican sitcoms, Bollywood movies *winks*