Opinion: Welcome To Our World Where Men Think Women Cheat

Man thinking his woman is cheating

"It's over between us, why will you even go to a guy's house in the first place? To make it worse, you spent nearly 5 hours there, and you claim nothing happened ba? It's over!" 

*hangs up*.

Welcome to the world of the feminine species, where every guy you hang out with or gives you money is generally perceived to be in a sexual relationship with you, a world where once you have sex with a guy (boyfriend or lover)- the trust he (lover) has in you reduces by 80%. This is our world and we deal with it.

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Tell me, why would a guy lose trust in you when you already opened your legs for him and he believes you can open it that way for other guys? And we all know that it (women's body count) doesn't read like meter. So tell me why should he trust you? You gave him the power to distrust you, you slept with him, who can blame him? No one dear, blame yourself.

So I have realized the fact that the only time a guy can trust a lady is: if he doesn't see her with any guy, -no strange calls from guys, no strange text messages... no nothing- except in rare occasions.

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Now, let me burst your brain- she may be hanging out with other guys and leave no trace. Yeah, welcome to our world. The fact that a girl who you once trusted (before you had sex) is hanging out with other guys does not mean she sleeps with them. She just believes you should trust her enough to know she is not cheating on you (at least that's what I think).

You know the type of girl you asked out. All things being normal, she can only get better if she is not a maniac. She is still the one you are dating, maybe she changed for good or bad, you made that happen. No REASONABLE girl will ever let a good guy go, trust me on this, except if she hasn't seen it and once she sees it, she will come running back.

So ladies and gentlemen let us learn to trust each other. It hurts when you tell your partner he/she is cheating especially when she is not cheating. It is worse when you break up because of that. So before you end that relationship, give your spouse the benefit of the doubt till you catch him/her red-handed.

Thank you!


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